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Eye-Witness Refutes ‘Official’ Story of Oregon FBI Killing, ‘His Hands Were Up…They Fired 120...

“He was just walking, with his hands in the air, and they shot him dead,” Sharps said, adding, “His hands were still up after he was dead.”

Witnesses Say Man had Hands Up as He Was Shot in the Back by...

“He had his hands up and he turned to run and they shot him in the back.” Oklahoma City, OK – Oklahoma City police shot...

Mom Cries Foul As Cops Say Teen Shot Herself in Mouth While Cuffed Behind...

Police gathered up all the surveillance footage from the area and are refusing to release any information on the teen who allegedly shot herself while cuffed behind her back.

Body Cam Released Showing Cops Shooting Innocent Couple After Mistaking them for Robbers

Body camera footage was just released showing two Connecticut cops jump out of their vehicles and attempt to murder an innocent unarmed couple.

Police Claim Teen Shot Herself in the Mouth With Hands Cuffed Behind Her Back...

After investigating themselves, police are claiming that a teen girl grabbed a gun while handcuffed with her hands behind her back, and shot herself in the mouth.

Congress Hid Illegal Legislation in Farm Bill to Further Support Horrific Genocide in Yemen...

Hiding the provision in a Farm Bill, the House passed an insidious piece of legislation that will facilitate perpetual war and genocide in Yemen.

Nevada Man Blinded, Paralyzed, and Nearly Died After Getting the Flu Shot

A father in Nevada was left paralyzed and blind after he got the flu shot last month after the vaccine caused him to contract Guillain-Barré Syndrome.

WATCH: Cop Leaves 13yo Boy in Freezing Cold to Force Him to Talk—Then Gets...

A Georgia cop is seen on video forcing a soaking wet 13-year-old boy to sitting in freezing temperatures in an attempt to force him to talk.

Horrifying Video Shows Israeli Soldiers Shoot, Kill 16yo Boy While His Hands Were In...

A teenage Palestinian boy had his hands in the air and was standing far away from the Israeli soldier who shot and killed him.

Cop Who Killed Unarmed Dad, With Hands Up, On Video, Now Training Other Cops...

An Oklahoma cop whose irrational fear caused her to shoot and kill an unarmed father, will now be instructing other cops to act like her.