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Supreme Court Says Mandatory Vaccinations Don’t Violate Children’s Constitutional Rights

In a controversial move, SCOTUS accepted a lower court's ruling, effectively declaring that mandatory vaccinations for children do not violate their constitutional rights.

State Law Requires Mandatory Flu Vaccines for All Kids Ages 2 to 4: Comply...

Children in Connecticut will not be allowed to return to school after the Christmas break unless they probe that they have received the flu vaccine.

Nevada Man Blinded, Paralyzed, and Nearly Died After Getting the Flu Shot

A father in Nevada was left paralyzed and blind after he got the flu shot last month after the vaccine caused him to contract Guillain-Barré Syndrome.

As US Rappers Flaunt “Money and Bling” Rap Superstar Akon is Bringing Solar Power...

Instead of using his fame and fortune to brag about bling and degrade women, rap superstar Akon is literally lighting up Africa.

Australia Now Issuing Fines to Citizens Who Refuse Vaccines for Their Kids

Australia will now monetarily penalize parents who choose not to vaccinate their children and the advocates for mandatory vaccines in America are salivating over it.

Doctor Punished for Giving Vaccine Exemptions to Children with High Risk of Vaccine Brain...

A doctor is being punished because he signed off on vaccine exemptions for young children who have a high risk of injury from mandatory vaccines.

California Bill to Create Ministry Of Truth To Censor Alternative Media

A bill has been proposed in California that would effectively kill free speech by allowing internet censorship that targets everything the state deems as "fake news."

Pharma Co Has License Suspended as Vaccine Blamed For Sterilization of 500,000 Women &...

Railia Odinga, who swore himself in a president of Kenya this week has claimed their tests prove the government's tetanus vaccine has sterilized hundreds of thousands of women and children.

FDA Just Approved ‘Smart Pill’ Antidepressant So Gov’t Can Track You As They Force...

With the FDA recently authorizing the world's first "smart pill", many ethical questions are being raised by medical doctors. Forced medication by the state seems imminent.

Compelling New Study Forces Mainstream Media to Report On Link Between Vaccines and Autism

"Perhaps we now have the putative link between vaccination and ASD, the link being the inclusion of an aluminum adjuvant in the vaccine."