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WATCH: TSA Disgustingly Molests Triple-Amputee US Veteran and Purple Heart Recipient

Shocked by the treatment of the most severely wounded airman in US history, the online community shamed TSA and united to express support for the veteran.

Police Shoot Mentally Ill Veteran in the Back, Multiple Times, Stand Around as He...

“Common decency demands that the police not merely stand by while a person endures the pain of serious injury."

WATCH: Disabled Veteran Ripped from Wheelchair, Pepper Sprayed for Questioning Walmart ID Policy

A disabled veteran was ripped from his wheelchair and pepper sprayed after asking Wal-mart employees why his wife had to show her ID for him to buy champagne.

Veteran Cop in Jail After Savagely Punching and Stomping his Own Girlfriend

A Milwaukee detective is in jail this week after being accused of horrific acts of violence against his own girlfriend in which he stomped her head and beat her.

‘Hahaha’: Deputies Laugh, Film Decorated Veteran as He Suffers Horrifying Death in a Jail...

An Army veteran spent his last moments alive writing in agony as deputies filmed him and cracked jokes.

Disabled 64yo Veteran Arrested for Buying Cans of Iced Tea and a Light Bulb

A disabled veteran was arrested for legally purchasing iced tea, a light bulb, bug spray and a pack of razors because police temporarily banned these items.

Serial Killer Who Confessed to Murdering 4 Women is a 9-Year Veteran of US...

A US Border Patrol agent was arrested in Texas on Saturday and confessed to being a serial killer who has murdered four women.

WATCH: Cops Dump 17 Rounds Into ‘Good Samaritan’ Veteran as He Tried to Break...

A father of three and a Navy veteran was gunned down by two police officers as he tried to be a good Samaritan and break up a fight outside of a Portland bar.

People Burning Nike Gear Epitomizes American Hypocrisy and Is a Slap in the Face...

As people take to social media to burn their Nike attire, they are making one of the most hypocritical statements possible.

WATCH: Cop Denied Immunity For Killing Unarmed Naked Veteran Suffering from PTSD

A judge has denied an officer's request for immunity, noting that he was not acting in self-defense when he shot and killed an unarmed, naked veteran.