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BREAKING: Cop to Plead Guilty in Murder of Walter Scott Caught on Video

The guilty plea will most likely end with a slap on the wrist for the officer, Michael Slager, who was seen on video murdering a man for running away.

BREAKING: Mistrial Declared for Cop Who Murdered Walter Scott as He Ran Away On...

A mistrial has been declared in the case of Michael Slager, the officer who shot a man in the back as he ran away over a broken taillight.

Family of Walter Scott Gets $6.5M Settlement and They’re Donating a Portion to Flood...

Despite the best actions of this murderer, the family is still exuding positivity. Thank you Scott family for restoring humanity to this world.

Dashcam Video Released of Murderous Cop Brutalizing Man Months Before Killing Walter Scott

As the only video that existed was in police custody, he faced no discipline for his brutality.

Police Cover Up? Cops Seized Man’s Camera After Shooting His Brother, Walter Scott, in...

“So, are you going to kill me, too, now?” said Anthony Scott as police demanded he hand over his camera in an apparent attempt to cover up their fellow officer's misdeeds.

Leaked Audio Catches Cop Laughing About the Rush he got from Shooting Walter Scott...

Audio recording provides a rare glimpse into the world of a cop after shooting a man in the back.

BREAKING: Cop Sentenced to 20 Years Because a Good Samaritan Filmed Him Murder a...

Because a vigilant citizen took out their phone and filmed the police, killer cop, Michael Slager will spend the next 20 years in prison for murdering Walter Scott.

No, Nike is Not Helping, They Are Exploiting Police Brutality to Sell Shoes

Both Nike and Colin Kaepernick will make money from the ad campaign—but nothing is being done for the victims of police brutality who are being exploited.

‘F**K Your Breath!’: Video Shows Cops Shoot, Kill Subdued Man, Mock Him as He...

The Tulsa taxpayers will be shelling out $6 million after their officers held down an unarmed man, shot him, and then mocked him as he died—all on video.

Police State Worshiping Cop Apologists Celebrate Death of Daniel Shaver on Facebook

Shameless police apologists have taken to social media to celebrate the death of Daniel Shaver while referring to the cop who killed him as a hero and a victim.