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Baltimore Dept Switched Out Whistleblower Cop’s Partner The Day He Was Murdered With his...

As Baltimore police try to solve the mysterious murder of a detective, the city's police commissioner appears to be missing some of the most crucial details

Whistleblower Cop Who Wants Legal Pot, Running for Sheriff of Nation’s 2nd Largest County

Whistleblower cop and advocate for ending the war on pot, Dominick Izzo, now wants to be the sheriff of the nation's second most populous county.

Whistleblower Cop Says the Police Academy is “Infected,” Teaching Cadets there’s a “War on...

Numbers do not lie, there is no war on cops. Why would the police academy be teaching future cops that there is a war on them?

Whistleblower Cop Calls Out Corruption in Her Department, Naturally She’s Being Fired for It

"She is being disciplined for bringing those allegations to light" Louisville, KY -- A New Albany police officer of 19-years is being fired after she...

Whistleblower Cop: Fellow Officers Getting “Gang Tattoos” To Celebrate Their Shooting Victims

A former officer with the Oxnard Police Department in California is blowing the whistle on a disturbing activity that many other cops at the...

Attention Free Thinkers, Whistleblowers, and Cop Watchers, Read This Before Sharing the Next News...

In today's digital world we find ourselves in the midst of an information war.

Retired Cop Turned Whistleblower, Explains How He ‘Woke Up’ While Still Inside the System

Marine, combat veteran, retired law enforcement, reformed statist. Here to bring some insight into the twisted web that is policing in the United States...

7 NYPD Cops Arrested Dozens More Investigated For Running Massive Prostitution Ring

At least seven NYPD cops have been arrested and dozens more are wanted for questioning after they were busted running a massive prostitution ring.

WATCH: Good Cop Charges Police Chief with a Felony and Is Immediately Fired

A good cop crossed the thin blue line this week to expose felony crimes within his department, so he was immediately fired.

WATCH: Cop Holds Small Man Down As His Partner Smashes in His Face

A graphic video has sparked outrage after it showed Austin police hold a man down and senselessly beat him.