Here are your ad tags. You can place multiple units on the same page and we only run ad when there is a demand. All our units are IAB standard and responsive and we have demand across all devices. Our best performing unit is InRead and then Slider. If you have other providers we are also able to set them up as a passback to increase fill rate.

Slider (can be placed anywhere on the page, best placement is the header of the site or inside Ad Server such as Google Ad manager (DFP) as Out Of Page unit). it is currently set to open on the bottom left of the site, if you want i can change that to bottom right :

InRead (should be placed inside article/content pages exactly where you want the ad to appear OR you can just place in the header of the site (or OutofPage DFP unit) and let us know after which paragraph on article pages you want the ad to appear (2nd paragraph, 3rd paragraph, etc):

InBanner (can be placed in 300×250 ad space) i also set our 300×250 display as a passback so when there is no video we show display which gives 100% fill rate and boost the revenue. you can track performance for display by selecting “Inventory Sizes” in your dashboard:

We do also provide display ads (300×250, 728×90 etc) which performs at least 30% better than usual AdSense/AdX ads.
300×250 Display (please let me know if you need additional sizes):