Cassandra Fairbanks

Another Unarmed Man Killed by Police, After, You Guessed it, “Reaching for his Waistband”

Bakersfield, CA– In a tale we have heard repeated far too many times, 22-year-old Ramiro James Villegas, who went by the name James De La Rosa, was killed by jumpy police in Bakersfield after allegedly “reaching for his waistband” on November 13.  Just like Dillon Taylor who was executed in August …

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Non-Black Cops Suing Dept: Claim They’re Punished More than Black Cops When They Kill Black People

This story could be ripped straight from The Onion, but it is actually true. Cleveland, OH– Eight white Cleveland Police Department officers and one Hispanic officer are suing the city of Cleveland claiming that non-black officers are facing harsher discipline than black officers when they kill black people. The lawsuit was …

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Man Harassed by Cop in Snowy Weather for Suspicious Act of Walking with Hands in His Pockets

“You were making people nervous……they said you had your hands in your pockets.” Pontiac, MI– Brandon B Waxx McKean was walking down the street Thursday when he was approached by a deputy for his “suspicious behavior” of walking down the street with his hands in his pockets. “You were walking …

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