Joël Valenzuela

Government Can Only Wage War Elsewhere for So Long, Before it Inevitably Comes Home

You can’t assemble a totalitarian war machine and expect it to never come home. Sooner or later, all those military-grade weapons end up in your own back yard. Pointed at you. Over the last several decades, we’ve seen the rise of militarized law enforcement. From no-knock raids to Ferguson under …

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A voluntary world without force or violence is just around the corner

March 26, 2014 The most significant development in recent memory isn’t the computer. It isn’t the smartphone. It isn’t even the internet, though it would never have been able to succeed to this level without the web. I’m talking about consent. No, not the so-called consent of the governed, which …

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Bitcoin is the People’s Currency

Bitcoin, everyone’s favorite online cryptocurrency, has taken the world by storm. It’s easy and practically free to use, almost instantaneous, doesn’t lose its value to inflation like government-controlled currencies, and has a healthy degree of privacy and anonymity. Best of all, Bitcoin makes agorism (economic activity deliberately outside of state …

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