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Police Departments that Use Military Gear at Protests May Be Forced to Repay Federal Grants

The United States Department of Homeland Security may require the local police forces it supplies with military-grade weapons to repay federal anti-terrorism grants should the items be used to suppress dissent. A representative of the DHS, one of three federal agencies responsible for allocating military equipment to local police …

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Muslim Lawyer Sues NYPD After Being Arrested for ‘Blocking the Sidewalk’ During Pro-Palestinian Rally

Her detention is “characteristic of a pattern and practice of the NYPD in aggressive over policing of people of color and persons lawfully exercising their First Amendment rights.” A Muslim woman, and human rights lawyer has taken her accusations of NYPD’s abuse and racism to court, following her violent detention …

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Broken System: Louisiana Man Spends 41 Years in Solitary Confinement for Robbery

Albert Woodfox, last remaining prisoner of the Angola Three, seeks to sue prison authorities for constitutional rights violations Nadia Prupis | After 41 Years in Solitary, ‘Angola Three’ Prisoner Renews Fight for Justice After serving more than 41 years in solitary confinement, the longest sentence in isolation ever served by …

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