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St. Paul, MN — Over the weekend, Donald Trump supporters held a protest in front of the governor's mansion to 'Stop the Steal.' The Stop the Steal movement is made up of folks who believe that widespread electoral fraud took place during the 2020 presidential election to deny incumbent President Trump victory over former vice president Joe Biden. The Stop the Steal groups have been holding protests at governor's mansions across the country. Their appearance is the same throughout — Trump flags, "stop the steal" signs, American flags, MAGA hats, and the infamous black, white, and blue "blue lives matter" flags.

Trump supporters gather for 'Stop the Steal' rallies outside Capitol, Governor's mansion

The degree of cognitive dissonance is takes to chant "back the blue" and "blue lives matter" while simultaneously calling for a revolt is mind-boggling. It is epitomized by those wearing shirts or tattoos with the molon labe or "come and take it" mantra, plastered with blue line propaganda.

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It takes a serious lack of critical thought in failing to realize that the blue line in that design literally represents the actual people who would "come and take it." Nevertheless, these folks have unironically paraded these opposing views around for years, failing to grasp the concept.

That may be about to change, however, after the Back the Blue / Stop the Steal folks had a veritable epiphany about police in America this week.

During their protest at the governor's mansion on Saturday, counter protesters — who appeared to be antifa — showed up as well. They two sides clashed, however, the clashes were largely uneventful as protesters and counter-protesters yelled in each other's faces, got into small quarrels, and pepper sprayed each other.

For the most part, the police simply stood in the governor's yard, protecting the property as the serfs literally fought at their feet. Just a few yards away, from where the police were setup, vehicles belonging to the back the blue / stop the steal protesters were vandalized, with many of their tires slashed, and police did nothing to stop it.

When the back the blue folks realized that these crimes had taken place as police looked on, they collectively lost their minds. One of the protesters randomly attacked a passerby knocking him off of his street skis as angry MAGA women ran to join in on the soon-to-be lynching. Seeing that there was about to be a potential murder take place in front of the governor's mansion, a couple of the officers left the governor's yard and moved in before things got too bad.

When police arrested one of the back the blue / stop the steal protesters, however, this is when the epiphany happened. 'How could police stand by and allow these antifa scum to vandalize our vehicles, and then arrest one of us?' they likely thought.

The anger at the vandalism was then directed at the cops as the back the blue / stop the steal protesters began yelling obscenities at them, while calling for "defunding them."

"We should f**king defund you, you’re not doing your goddamn job!” a tall bearded protester yells at the officers, while wearing a hoodie with the thin blue line flag on the sleeve. And just like that, for a brief moment, the far right and the far left came together in a symbolic Venn diagram of common ground. Although the reaction from the stop the steal folks was more 'Karen-esque' in nature, the fact is, this realization occurred.

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Finally, the back the blue folks realized that police are not there for their protection. They are there to protect the establishment and to collect revenue. Preventing or stopping crime is but a byproduct of this main purpose.

There is no doubt that being a police officer can be a grueling, dangerous, and often times extremely unrewarding job. But much of this stress is due to a failed job description.

While many cops out there have saved lives and have been recognized for their heroism, others, who are 'just doing their jobs' have continued to drive a wedge between the police and the policed.

Enforcing laws for victimless crimes, extorting people over arbitrary traffic laws like seat belts and window tint, and kidnapping and caging people for marijuana does not make you a hero. It makes you a tool for the prison industrial complex and the police state.

When taking a quick scroll down Facebook posts, websites, and Twitter feeds on any number of subjects, it is easy to find negative comments about police officers. Despite police unions and police apologists claiming these negative comments and criticisms are coming from criminals and thugs, the reality is much different.

Of course murderers, rapists, and thieves hate cops but these are not the people openly criticizing police. This criticism comes from mothers and fathers who've watched their children get harassed constantly because of the neighborhoods they live in or the color of their skin.

This criticism comes from the millions of people who have a family member whose life has been ruined because police caught them with a plant. This criticism comes from the millions of other people who have to decide between paying their electricity bill or paying their $300 seat belt ticket.

Many police departments even take to social media to brag about enforcing these laws in which there is no victim. Why, exactly, these departments brag on Facebook about such a waste of taxpayer money and oppression of the poor is a mystery—but they do it a lot.

And we the people are becoming tired of it.

Rape kits collect dust on shelves in police departments nationwide while weed busts continue to soar despite growing legality. Billions are collected in traffic fines annually while murders remain uninvestigated. Priorities are in disarray and blue lives matter folks are cheering it on.

Despite the near complete erosion of the constitutional protections against unlawful search and seizure, the clearance rate for murders and rapes has continued its free fall over the past decades. This highlights the fact, as the back the blue supporters learned on Saturday, that no matter how many rights are given up or freedoms diminished — police cannot guarantee your safety — and all of this is due to the war on drugs, revenue collection for victimless crimes, and protection of the establishment.

The back the blue folks calling for the defunding of police is a sign that things need to change. This sign can be taken as an opportunity for Americans to move forward and foster a more free society, or it can be squandered and covered in excuses by playing victim. The choice is ours.