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Richmond, VA — Here at the Free Thought Project, we stay away from the race-baiting and divide stoking that the mainstream media carries out on a daily basis. You will almost never see black or white in a headline as it is usually not relevant to the matter at hand. Though the legacy media dwells on it daily, we feel that concentrating on race all the time perpetuates divide by alienating people based on the level of melanin in their skin. That being said, we feel that skin color played a major role in the following story, making it entirely relevant.

On Monday, citizens in Virginia staged a gun rights march for the state's annual "Lobby Day." The turnout was small and according to reports when compared to the previous year. Last year, over 22,000 showed up to assert their gun rights, but largely due to COVID-19, only dozens of activists marched, with others making a statement from their vehicles in a caravan.

Thought there were not many activists on the ground, the groups advocating for gun rights were diverse, to say the least. Members from the Proud Boys and Boogaloo Bois were in attendance as well as members from the Black Panthers.

It was a massive show of unity, Boogaloo Bois revealed their alliance with the pro-gun Black Lives Matter crowd and cheered for the Black Panthers as they arrived on the scene.

Oddly enough, it was members of the Proud Boys who engaged in conflict with the Boogaloo Bois, according to reports. But it stayed verbal only.

“Proud Boys go home!” a Boogaloo Boi shouted at one point.

“Say it to my face!” a Proud Boy yelled back, according to the LA Times.

As it is legal to open carry in the state — outside of designated "gun free zones" — police largely left activists alone. Most of them.

During the rally, members of one group — who all had white skin — were openly admitting, through a bullhorn, that they were breaking the law. Mike Dunn, alongside about 10 members of his “Last Sons of Liberty” yelled through his megaphone that his group was "in pure defiance" of local laws, and “rocking mags (ammunition magazines) with double the legal limit.”

These comments were in earshot of police who did nothing, according to Dunn.

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However, when a group of black people, participating in the caravan of vehicles in the street drove by, police singled them out — without any probable cause — and in spite of a group openly admitting to breaking the law.

Despite hundreds of vehicles in the caravan, occupied mostly by people with white skin, cops singled out this one car and detained the individuals inside.

They confiscated one of the black man's guns as bystanders and the black man verbally protested.

“Everybody in the city is carrying today, and you’re only pulling us over,” yelled a Black woman nearby. “Shoutout to Martin Luther King Day!”

She was right.

After detaining the car occupied by several black people, police then detained one of the men marching in the protests. Despite dozens of other white activists open carrying in defiance of the gun-free zone restrictions, police targeted another black male for carrying a pistol in its holster. According to state law it should have been concealed, however, literally dozens of other activists were openly carrying AR-15s in the same area.

“It’s been like that,” Kyra, 30, told the LA Times of the overtly racist policing, adding that “We’re not going anywhere.”

The fact that no white people were stopped while multiple black people were stopped, clearly shows a bias. This is not acceptable. You are either for the Second Amendment, and the constitution, for everyone- or you don't support it at all. Allowing some groups to pass without detainment, while stopping others, means these laws are being selectively enforced, which is why so many people are mad.

According to Reuters, police have yet to respond to questions as to why they only stopped black people.

Virginia police would do well to listen to Maj Toure, who educates people in urban communities on their 2nd amendment rights and responsibilities through firearms training, when he says, "Black Guns Matter."