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In May, as he exploited the tragedy in Uvalde, Texas, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau proposed legislation - known as bill C-21 - making it impossible to buy, sell, transfer or import handguns anywhere in the country.

Unlike in the US, gun ownership is not enshrined in Canada's constitution, and for the last decade, the anti-gun lobby in Canada has taken full advantage of this. Because there is no legal right to possess guns in Canada, prior to Trudeau's sweeping orders, Canadian civilians weren't allowed to possess automatic weapons, handguns with a barrel shorter than 10.5 cm or any modified handgun, rifle or shotgun. Most semi-automatic assault weapons were also already banned.

Unfortunately, and predictably, this did not stop the country from experiencing its worse mass killings in history in the last few years. As TFTP reported, in 2018, Alek Minassian's desire to take lives was so strong that he didn't need a gun to murder. He simply rented a Ryder van and went to it, killing 10 people and injuring 15 others.

In 2020, a man disguised as a police officer shot people in their homes and set fires across the province of Nova Scotia, killing 22 people. The attack became the deadliest rampage in Canadian history — and no amount of gun control was able to stop it. In fact, gun control was the driving factor behind not stopping it.

Now, the country is reeling once more, this time from a similarly historical mass killing in which 10 people have been murdered and another 15 injured. No guns were used and the disarmed population was defenseless against the two attackers who preyed on them with knives.

Had Canadians not been stripped of their right to self-defense, a knife attacker would easily be put down by anyone with any sized handgun. Unfortunately, however, that was not the case and the two suspects, Damien Sanderson, 31, and Myles Sanderson, 30, were able to attack 25 people and escape.

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They are currently on the run.

As many readers of the Free Thought Project understand and what this incident proves, is that gun control does nothing to stop criminals from getting their hands on guns — or anything else — and carrying out horrible acts of violence. What gun control actually does is take the right of self-defense away from law-abiding citizens while only allowing criminals and the government to be armed.

As this case illustrates, relying on the state's guns for protection is futile — yet team-gun grabber consistently pushes this paradigm.

They fail to realize that because gun control must be enforced — with government guns — the term "anti-gun" is essentially a misnomer. The anti-gun crowd is more about the centralized control of guns, making them "pro-gun" but only when those guns are in the hands of a small group of corrupt authoritarians and their order followers.

This is why you see people like Kamala Harris and Joe Biden calling for gun bans while simultaneously surrounded by dozens of guns. They aren't "anti-gun" at all. As the dozens of guns around them illustrate, they are very pro-gun but only when they are in the hands of their corrupt friends and their order followers.

Anyone who has read basic history knows that when a small group of corrupt authoritarians and their order followers are the only ones to have guns — really bad things happen. Nevertheless, we continue to see a constant barrage of attacks on our right to self-defense and as Trudeau's recent freeze on handgun ownership proves, it does nothing to stop killers and everything to prevent innocent people from defending themselves.