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Evansville, IN — An Evansville, Indiana family has hired an attorney and is planning potential legal action against Walgreens after they brought in their children for the influenza vaccine and were given the Pfizer covid shot instead. The children are now suffering from heart problems and one has become sick with multiple other symptoms.

According to the family, the children went to Walgreens on October 4, to get the flu shot. However, instead of the flu vaccine, the employee at Walgreens gave them both full adult-doses of the Pfizer jab. The children are just four and five years old.

Currently, the vaccine is not approved for children that young. However, Pfizer is currently seeking approval to begin vaccinating children as young as five. Those children would be given one third of the dose of adults.

Daniel Tuley, the attorney for the family, said that after the children received four doses of the COVID jab, they received a phone call an hour and half later from the pharmacy, informing them of the mistake.

Tuley says that the parents, who have not yet been identified, contacted the CDC and health officials. The parents say their children are currently ill. They also said they were told by a pediatric cardiologist that the children showed heart issues after receiving the shots.

After receiving the shot, the youngest of the two children has also come down with an illness and has had fever and cough ever since.

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So far, Walgreens has refused to release any information on the incident other than claiming they have a multi-step vaccination procedure with their pharmacy staff in order to prevent such occurrences. Unfortunately, it was seemingly not in place at the time these children were vaccinated.

Adding insult to injury is the fact that after the children were given the shots mistakenly, the pharmacy still issued the children the COVID-19 vaccination record cards to show proof they had the jab. Clearly illustrating their level of incompetence is the birthdate on the cards, showing that the children are far too young to receive the shots.

Children's vaccine cards

While these two children are not currently eligible for the Pfizer shot, that could soon change as the notoriously corrupt Pharma giant — who is currently taking in record profits in the tens of billions — submitted an application for emergency-use authorization of their COVID-19 vaccine in 5- to 11-year-old children last week.

According to Market Watch, the Food and Drug Administration will now review the safety and efficacy of the vaccine before deciding whether to authorize shots for that age group. The companies said late September that initial data from a late-stage trial of the vaccine in that demographic showed it was safe and effective and said data from a trial in children 6 months old to less than 2 years of age would come in the fourth quarter. If the quick approval of the former shot is any indicator, the jab for children will likely be approved without much pushback. According to the most recent census data, there are roughly 74 million children in the United States under the age of 18. If we look at the number of children who have died from COVID-19 in that age group since Jan. 2020, the idea that Pfizer is pushing to vaccinate them becomes almost nonsensical.

According to the recent data from the Centers for Disease Control, just 499 children under the age of 18 have died from coronavirus. Given the fact that both of the children in this instance have been injured from the vaccine, it may be wise to study the process more closely instead of rushing to vaccinate such young children to protect the elderly population.