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"I'm going to let you off with a warning today."

If all citizens held their government officials to the same level of accountability that this man does, 'government corruption' would be a history lesson only.

Grant County, WA -- Gavin Seim is a liberty activist, speaker and former US Congressional challenger from Washington state. He is a devoted activist who is not afraid to go toe to toe with would-be tyrants.

When Mr. Seim saw an unmarked police vehicle impersonating a citizen in his town, he felt it would be proper to educate this Grant County Sheriff's deputy on the Washington State Law, which states that it is unlawful for police officers to drive unmarked vehicles.

There are a couple of exemptions in the legislation, but they are for State police only and they do not apply to patrol vehicles. There is also a WA State court precedent where a man fled police and his felony charge was thrown out because the pursuing vehicle was not properly marked.

“The bill is intended to provide better public visibility of government owned vehicles and to provide a means for more efficiently marking vehicles operated by the state and units of local government, ..A vehicle marking exemption for vehicles used by sheriffs, local police and local peace officers is continued but is limited to vehicles used for undercover or confidential investigative purposes.” — Legislative Auditor Thomas R. Hazzard, in a memo related to the bill, dated January 31, 1975.

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Deputy Canfield was the officer who Seim detained to inform him of the law. Seim brings up a very good point about the dangers of unmarked cars; anyone can buy a red and blue flashing light and try to pull people over; people have been raped and even murdered because sickos posed as police.

The actions by Seim were incredibly gutsy and the response by Deputy Canfield was unexpected. Canfield was quite cordial and actually engaged in a conversation with someone who was trying to hold him accountable, which deserves mentioning.

If ten percent of the population held government's feet to the fire like Seim does, American may not be in the predicament that it is.

This is not simply about unmarked cars. It’s about accountability and a government that respects and obeys the people, their rights and the law. We are losing our country America, but if we all stand up we can take it back. - Gav Seim

Here's to taking it back.