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We've seen an encouraging number of videos made by citizens calling out police for their above the law actions. However, how often do these citizen stops result in action?

Almost never, until now.

A video uploaded to Liveleak Sunday shows a cop watcher confronting a Los Angeles Parking Enforcement officer for blocking a driveway while he writes tickets to others for their parking violations.

The man taking the video, calls the traffic cop out for blocking the driveway. We were expecting an arrest or call for backup, but something amazing happens instead. The officer actually moved his car!

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Persistence in police accountability was bound to yield immediate positive results sooner or later. Sure this is only a traffic cop, but it's encouraging to see the citizen correct the state nonetheless. The bottom line is that an LAPD cop and a LA Parking Enforcement cop will both demand you owe them money for infractions they commit on a daily basis.

While this is definitely a baby-step in degree, the corrective action in general is ground breaking.

Great work!

Notice how the traffic cop asks if he is filming. The power of the camera is strong. Do you think the same result would have occurred if this man wasn't filming?