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Internet prankster, Jack Vale, decided that it would be funny to pretend to be stuck in the back of a cop car and ask passersby if they would help him get out.

The intention of the video was to get laughs. However, this video shows us so much more about the blind trust of some people when it comes to the police.

As people walked by the car, most everyone turned their noses up at the would-be criminal locked in the back seat. But when the person in the back seat pretended to be a police officer, things got much different.

The scenario is cut and dry. There is a man, in the back of a cop car, asking for help getting out. He is not in uniform, however, the mere mention that he is an officer of the law, drastically changes the outcome of the situation.

When people hear that he is a cop, instead of turning up their noses, some helped him out. We are not claiming that helping out an officer in need is wrong, but rather attempting to draw attention to how easily deceived some people are at the very mention of authority.

Vale was in plain clothes, and in some of the examples his hands were behind his back as if he were handcuffed. All he had to say was, "Hey, I'm a cop," and people looked past everything else, and let him out of the car. The disbelief in their eyes after watching him run off is priceless.

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It wasn't until the end of the video, when Vale's son was in the back of the cop car, did we witness something vastly different.

Vale's son, Chris, was getting the same reaction from passersby as his father; until one kindly gentleman walked by and listened to him.

Just because someone is in the back of a cop car does not mean they are a bad person. It certainly doesn't mean they are a good person either. But this gentleman who walked up and saw a young and scared boy in the back of a cruiser decided to see for himself whether or not this kid was bad.

After hearing a scared kid, whose only crime was his age, this man did something that none of the other people in the video were willing to do. He let him out.

Watch the entire video below and let us know in the comments how you would react.