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A rare police encounter was recently captured on video which shows officers upholding their oaths to the Constitution.


Activist and independent journalist Brett Sanders was conducting a First Amendment test in White Settlement, TX.

He was filming outside of the Lockhead Martin facility when 3 officers pulled up to inquire as to what he was doing.

What happened next was completely unpredictable. The officers from White Settlement police department weren't belligerent or confrontational. They were actually cordial.

Sanders refused to identify and they actually respected him for it! Instead of shoving his camera down or trying to confiscate it one officer sparks up a conversation about Sanders' camera and equipment because he also enjoys photography.

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Eventually the conversation becomes so relaxed that Sanders feels comfortable enough to tell the officers that he is actually there to test how police react to a person practicing their First Amendment right.

Sanders then tells the officers the truth about how most police react negatively to someone filming. The response he was given was quite heartening indeed, "We're here to protect your rights, not violate them."

These officers who uphold their oaths to the constitution are called 'Oathkeepers' and they are a certainly a minority.

Here at the Free thought Project, we give credit where credit is due, and these guys deserve a proverbial 'pat on the back.' Thank you White Settlement police department for serving as an example to other, much less constitutionally supporting departments across the country.

Thank you to Brett Sanders for conducting these tests and flexing your rights.