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"Everywhere I went, I wanted him to be close to me”

In September of this year, a man named Donald Hoffman gruesomely murdered and robbed four men aged 55 to 67 over an eight day period in Bocyrus, Ohio. The killing spree was one of the most violent and heinous crimes the small town had ever seen.

Family members of the victims have stated that Hoffman had been seeking money for drugs, and when the men wouldn't hand it over, he murdered them.

Darrell E. Lewis was among those victims.


Darrell Lewis from last month's obituary

After he was cremated, his daughter, 25 year old Sarah Lewis, took a portion of the ashes and put them in a small cylinder on a necklace so that she could always have her father with her.

Unfortunately on Friday, Lewis was met by police to give a statement after an argument she had been involved in, WBNS reports.

After giving her statement to the officer, she was informed that there was a warrant for her arrest and the officer asked if she had anything on her. Lewis informed the officer about the necklace in her pocket containing her fathers remains.

The officer proceeded to ask her if he could look inside, to which she complied.

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Upon seeing the contents, the officer reportedly told her 'This don't look like ashes so we are going to the station,', and took her in.

At the station, Lewis was told that a small sample of her father's remains had been tested and they tested positive for narcotics. She told WBNS that the necklace was returned to her 20 minutes later- but all of her father's ashes were gone.

Lewis filed a formal complaint with the department on Monday, and Bucyrus Police Chief David Koepke will not comment on the situation due to it being under investigation.

Sadly, police mistaking innocent items for drugs is extremely common. We adamantly recommend not consenting to searches or speaking to the police without a lawyer present, even if you've never done anything wrong.

On Saturday, we reported on a man who's home was raided by a Georgia task force believing that the okra he was growing in his garden was marijuana.

Over the summer, an innocent woman was arrested and spent over one month in jail after dried Spagettio's on a spoon were found in her car during a traffic stop. The officer believed the tomato sauce residue to be drugs.

During the same month, we reported on rapper, Joe Mugga, had his rights violated when an officer mistook a french fry in the backseat of his car for marijuana, yes, you read that correctly.

Let's also never forget the cop who mistook a Jolly Rancher candy for crystal meth.

For more information check out our Top 10 Reasons Not to Talk to Police and learn why consenting to searches and answering questions from police can never help you.