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In the wake of the new push from the Department of Homeland Security, and the government-media apparatus as a whole, to designate "conspiracy theorists" as potential domestic terrorists; TFTP is launching a new exclusive limited series of articles that dives deep into the history of leaked and declassified official materials, as well as other evidence. Exposing many of the so called "theories" as conspiracy fact!

In this upcoming series, The Free Thought Project reporter Don Via Jr will utilize his tenure studying covert affairs to examine a number of topics, typically denigrated as false, satire, or "fake news" by corporate pundits and detractors. Each installment of the series will feature its own topic, from provocation operations — commonly yet unofficially referred to as "false flag attacks" — to the history of information warfare and propaganda operations, geoengineering, the epidemic of pedophilia and sex trafficking among the international ruling class, and much, much more!

Throughout the collection of reports, he will display a litany of documentarian corroborating the legitimacy of the subject matter. As well as provide an in-depth elaboration of the history and usages of said operations and tactics. The purpose of which is to serve as a refutation against State narratives weaponizing the term "conspiracy theory" as a method of demonizing critical thinkers and dissidents.

As TFTP reported recently, the Department of Homeland Security issued a terror threat warning for the first time in a year. In dystopic fashion, they warned of an influx of ideologies that could breed hate and acts of homegrown terror. Predictably however, they leveled these charges towards any ideology that challenges the status quo of the establishment.

Libertarians, outspoken opponents of police brutality, lockdown protesters, or those who question the integrity of the 2020 election, all now have the potential to be "ideologically motivated extremists" according to ABC news and the DHS.

The perpetrators of this derision continue to promulgate this narrative at every turn to fan the flames of the new war on domestic terror. Aimed solely at quelling dissent, while continuing to water down the seriousness of domestic terror allegations with frivolous accusations — attaching the label to anything the State finds undesirable. Even more recently it has been used to describe anyone who challenges the efficacy of certain vaccinations, particularly those yet to be approved by the FDA, as "domestic terrorists".

Exemplary of the emerging biosecurity state in which the "great reset" agenda is predicated upon.

The salacious rhetoric ultimately being topped off with the filing of a slew of new gun control legislation specifically citing the threat of "domestic extremism" as the next convenient excuse for continued attempts at disarming the American public.

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The State and their subordinates have commenced a campaign of tokenizing a very serious subject matter into a catch-all umbrella term to be used at a whim, without the regard for the consequences of the context.

For anyone who has paid attention, it's no secret the national security State exercises flagrant frivolity when throwing around the word "terrorist". Though in recent years that habit has become more frequent. And in current times with increasing police state militarization, and bolder crackdowns of dissidents and free speech in general — the repercussions of normalizing the idea that anyone who questions the official story is an enemy of the state sets a dire precedent.

To that effect, the purpose of this series henceforth is to exemplify several instances in which "conspiracy theories", have all too often been truer than the predator class would like us to believe.

In reality, this shouldn't come as much of a surprise. The legal definition of conspiracy is simply "An agreement between two or more persons to commit crime at some point in the future". People are charged and convicted of conspiracy everyday; conspiracy to commit murder, conspiracy to commit fraud, etc. To consider if powerful corrupt individuals plot amidst themselves to maintain their wealth and dominance is common sense and corroborated by historical record.

Much to the chagrin of those in charge, their hubris is their own undoing. The tried-and-true tactics of "bread & circus" as a means of keeping the public distracted and complacent are not working like they used to. More than ever, the public has developed a distrust of their political leaders and have begun tuning out the talking points of the mainstream media. Rightfully so they are beginning to take a greater interest in educating themselves via the alternative media. Thusly revealing the true despotism of those they once considered leaders, and the false perception of reality crafted around them.

Hopefully, the educational material provided in this upcoming series will in its own way serve as a catalyst in assisting to heighten that awareness.

"Three things cannot be long hidden; the Sun, the moon, and the truth" — Siddhartha Gautama

Stay tuned.