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Few people in modern history have spawned an awakening of the masses like former Congressman, Dr. Ron Paul. Throughout his tenure in Congress, Ron Paul was known as 'Dr. No' because he voted on 100% principle. Unlike any of his peers, Ron Paul was often the single 'no' vote on many issues. He never voted for wars, or to advance the police state, or to bailout big banks and corporations. He was a true hero to freedom.

One of Ron Paul's most defining moments of his career was waking people up to the corrupt history of the Federal Reserve and the problems this privately owned central bank causes throughout the world. He even wrote a book about it, while he was still in Congress, titled, End the Fed.

Since his days in Congress have ended, Dr. Paul has dedicated his life after D.C. to continue spreading the message of liberty. For several years, he has run the Liberty Report which covers the current practices of government corruption along with many other issues. During his livestream on Friday, viewers were shocked when Ron Paul suffered an apparent stroke.

During the “Ron Paul Liberty Report,” the 85-year-old was discussing the economy when his speech started to slur. We will not post the video in this article out of respect for Dr. Paul, but it was certainly shocking and Paul himself appeared extremely taken aback.

While many supporters expressed their worry about the good doctor, others took to Twitter to mock him and made fun of a man suffering a medical emergency. To each their own I suppose, one cannot know someone's true intentions until they show them.

All the folks who took to Twitter to celebrate and mock Dr. Paul's stroke on Friday will be eating their words on Monday, however — because he's back.

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Shortly after the stroke on Friday, Paul posted a photo of himself in the hospital noting that he was "doing fine."

"I am doing fine," Paul said in a later statement posted to his Twitter, along with an image of him in a hospital bed. "Thank you for your concern."

Paul was hospitalized for “precautionary” reasons and was “lucid and optimistic” shortly after the stroke. On Monday, a Tweet from Dr. Paul's Twitter page gave even more surprising and encouraging news. After suffering a stroke on Friday, Dr. Paul's dedication to liberty and freedom is so over the top that he is "back in the saddle." That's right, according to his Twitter feed, Dr. Paul will be hosting his show as scheduled on Monday.

Regardless of what you think of Dr. Paul, this man's dedication to fighting for freedom over the last 4 decades is unprecedented. The fact that he is back on air after being hospitalized over the weekend speaks to the nature of this man's commitment to peaceful change.

Dr. Paul is 85 years old and shows no sign of backing down. This is an example for all of us to live by. When you think things may be too tough and you feel like giving up, look to this man's example for inspiration.