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Broomfield, CO - Sometimes a simple act of kindness and compassion by a friend can overflow into a spring of humanity and understanding that brings an entire school community together, as was the case for 9-year-old Marlee Pack.

Last spring, Marlee was heartbreakingly diagnosed with Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma, a form of cancer. Having to watch her friend go through the rigors of chemotherapy, and the accompanying hair loss, Marlee’s best friend decided that she wasn’t going to let her go through this struggle alone.

In a show of support, solidarity and friendship, Marlee's best friend Cameron decided to shave her head as well. This simple gesture by a bestie had an unintended ripple effect, as the show of support inspired their school, the Meridian Elementary in Broomfield, Colorado to organize a charity event entitled “Be Bold, Be Brave, Go Bald” on March 16th.

In total 80 students, three female teachers, both male principals and even a student’s mom shaved their heads to raise money for the Saint Baldrick’s Foundation for cancer research in a show of solidarity with Marlee.

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When people voluntarily come together to support one another and demonstrate their compassion for others we benefit as a society. The beauty of this community coming together in the face of this young child's tragedy reveals the humanity inherent within us all.

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