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A tragedy unfolded in Buffalo, New York over the weekend in which 10 innocent people lost their lives. The killer, an 18-year-old openly racist white supremacist who had plotted for some time to carry out the attack was taken into custody afterward. He was one of several psychopaths who carried out mass shootings over the weekend, yet he is the only one we are hearing about.

In Chicago, a mass shooting unfolded which triggered the city to go into lockdown and a curfew was enforced. In Milwaukee, several mass shootings occurred, with one of them totaling 17 victims. These mass shootings also triggered a lockdown and curfew in the city.

In Laguna Woods, California, a mass shooting unfolded on Sunday as church members gathered for lunch. One person died and five others are currently fighting for their lives.

Why aren't these other shootings receiving the same incessant round-the-clock coverage like the tragedy in Buffalo? Are the victims' lives in Milwaukee, Chicago, and Laguna Woods worth less?

Obviously that is not the case and the real reason the Buffalo shooting is receiving so much coverage is due to the fact that it is politically advantageous to unscrupulous actors who like to exploit tragedies to score political points. Plus, the Buffalo shooter had a manifesto that tows the line of a powerful establishment talking point... white supremacy.

His manifesto was published online in which he describes — at length — his delusional views to rid "white countries" of "invaders" through violence or deportation.

His views are nothing new. Multiple psychopaths over the years such as Brenton Tarrant, Patrick Crusius, John Earnest, Anders Breivik, and Dylann Roof — all of whom were mentioned in his manifesto as important influencers — have acted out this distorted and racist world view with violence.

This ideology is demented, disgusting, and remains indefensible in any public discourse. Though these mass murdering psychopaths have carried out horrible violence, their views are hardly mainstream and the sheer rarity of such attacks shows that those willing to act on these views are even fewer.

Absolutely no politician, at least in the last several decades, has run on a platform that advocates such racist and hateful views. If they would have tried, they would have been booed off of any stage and their campaigns would have died off before they even started.

However, if you read the editorials from the establishment left after this most recent deranged psychopath's carnage — his views are "mainstream" and held by every single person who disagrees with them politically. Seriously.

In one such example, before the bodies were even cold, Rolling Stone Magazine put out a disingenuous article attempting to associate the entire Republican party with the Buffalo shooter.

Aptly titled, "The Buffalo Shooter Isn’t a ‘Lone Wolf.’ He’s a Mainstream Republican," Rolling Stone attempts to associate tens of millions of Americans, of all races and religions, with the Buffalo shooter. There is absolutely no evidence to claim that half of Americans are Nazi psychopath murderers, yet this assertion was made solely for political posturing — truth be damned.

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The establishment left had no problem completely distorting truth for political gain and chose to omit the part in the shooter's manifesto where he openly disavowed conservatives and described himself as a "left-wing authoritarian" and "populist." As Glenn Greenwald notes in an article dissecting the manifesto,

He heaped praise on an article in the socialist magazine Jacobin for its view that cryptocurrency and Bitcoin are fraudulent scams. He spoke passionately of the centrality and necessity of environmentalism, and lamented that “the state [has] long since heavily lost to its corporate backers.” He ranted against “corporate profits and the ever increasing wealth of the 1% that exploit the people for their own benefit.” And he not only vehemently rejected any admiration for political conservatism but made clear that he viewed it as an enemy to his agenda: “conservatism is corporatism in disguise, I want no part of it.”


In a section entitled “CONSERVATISM IS DEAD, THANK GOD,” he wrote: "Not a thing has been conserved other than corporate profits and the ever increasing wealth of the 1% that exploit the people for their own benefit. Conservatism is dead. Thank god. Now let us bury it and move on to something of worth.”

Does this sound like "Mainstream Republicanism" to you? Clearly it does not.

Nevertheless, the entirety of establishment liberals took this completely false narrative and ran with it, going so far as to name a single man who was responsible for the entire shooting — Tucker Carlson.

As Greenwald points out, the examples of liberal pundits instantly blaming Carlson for this murder are far too numerous to comprehensively cite. “Literally everyone warned Fox News and Tucker Carlson that this would happen and they f**king laughed and went harder,” decreed Andrew Lawrence of the incomparably sleazy and dishonest group Media Matters, spawned by ultimate sleaze-merchant David Brock. “The Buffalo shooter… subscribed to the Great Replacement theory touted by conservative elites like Tucker Carlson and believed by nearly half of GOP voters,” claimedThe Washington Post's Emmanuel Felton. “See if you can tell the difference between [Gerdon's manifesto on 'white Replacement’] and standard fare on the Tucker Carlson show,” said Georgetown Professor Don Moynihan. “The racist massacre in Buffalo rest [sic] at the feet of Donald Trump, Tucker Carlson, and the GOP,” decreed Hollywood's nepotism prince Rob Reiner. The shooter was inspired by “a white nationalist conspiracy theory that Tucker Carlson has defended on his show,” was the verdict of The Huffington Post's Philip Lewis less than six hours after the shooting spree began.

Though the majority of the ad hominem attacks and bogus associations came from the left, it's not just liberals. Many on the right tried to jump in and associate the Buffalo shooter with their political enemies on the left.

In reality, however, there are likely very few people who support what he did and even fewer who would be willing to do the same. To associate millions of Americans with such an ideology is as dishonest as it is irresponsible — regardless of which party you are trying to promote.

Instead of fearmongering that half of America wants to kill the other half, we should be discussing how rare this is, why it is continuing to happen, and the media's role in such situations.

As these association fallacy op-eds continue to roll out, all they do is stoke hatred and fear among Americans who actually believe them. Clearly half of America doesn't think we are in a "white genocide," yet these folks have no problem asserting it, and they couldn't care less about the potential ramifications — like triggering some psychopath to go out and start shooting conservatives or liberals.

The Buffalo shooter was radicalized by hateful ideology which he believed to be real. How long until this hateful ideology being pushed by legacy media starts radicalizing other potential shooters who believe their lies?

Dozens of media outlets constantly claiming that the entire right wing are a bunch of white supremacists who want to kill you is no different the other side constantly claiming that the entire left wing are a bunch of pedophiles who want to groom your children.

There are certainly extremes on either side of the bell curve but in reality, most people are in the center... for now. If the legacy media in this country continues down this path of dishonest, race baiting garbage, however, that center will be pushed to the outskirts of that bell curve and when this happens, we all lose.