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Raleigh, NC -- An off-duty Raleigh cop was on his way home after work Wednesday evening when he noticed a distressed man hanging over the bridge in an apparent attempt to commit suicide.

The next few moments were captured on a North Carolina Department of Transportation camera, and they are nothing short of heart wrenching.

While we don't know what the officer says as he approaches the distressed man, whatever it was worked. Within just a short period of time, the distressed individual went from the verge of suicide to hugging this incredibly compassionate cop.

After the heartfelt embrace, the two walked back to the car and a suicidal man's life was saved.

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All too often, police in this officer's position respond with the only thing they know how to use -- force.

This officer's actions illustrate a level of compassion and/or training in how to deal with suicidal threats. Had he walked up and been insincere, demanding, or threatening, this situation would have turned out far differently.

Perhaps this video can serve as a lesson to officers around the country who are so quick to resort to deadly force when dealing with suicidal individuals. 

Please share this video with your friends and family to show them what a real 'good cop' looks like.