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“Don’t dare call them protesters,” Joe Biden famously said after the largely unarmed mob of pro-Trump hooligans stormed the capitol to take selfies with cops, hang from rafters, sit in politicians' chairs, and steal memorabilia like they were frat boys. “They were a riotous mob. Insurrectionists. Domestic terrorists. It’s that basic. It’s that simple,” later comparing the riot to an act of "sedition."

Since that day, the Biden admin has made it its mission to construct an all-encompassing police state to surveil, monitor, and arrest anyone who may challenge the status quo. The Biden administration, on many occasions, has capitalized on the events of January 6 to provoke fear, hatred, and divide among US citizens.

Though there were a handful of actual criminals who may have had plans to carry out violence, the overwhelming majority of the folks who Trump duped into believing they could keep him in power were soccer moms and Joe Sixpacks.

Exactly one year after the Trump supporters were tricked into raiding the Capitol by talking heads and Q-Anon reverberators, 727 people have been charged with crimes. Just 151 of them have entered guilty pleas. And despite the corporate media, the president, congresspersons, and everyone else referring to them as insurrectionists and seditionists, exactly none of them have been charged with these crimes.

Much of the mainstream media also referred to the actions of the rioters that day as "treason" as well — which is even further from reality as treason requires “levying war” against America or “giving aid and comfort” to one of the nation’s enemies—typically a foreign adversary. None of that happened.

Do insurrectionists stop and take selfies with cops?


Do cops open barricades and let "insurrectionists" walk by them?

Do insurrectionists have to have provocateurs provoke them into raiding the Capitol?

Obviously, these are rhetorical questions but the fact is that had these Trump supporters been Black Lives Matter protesters carrying signs that said "stop police brutality," rest assured, the gates would have never been opened, and no selfies taken. They would have been met with rubber bullets, pepper balls, and tear gas in an almighty hellfire. Spoiler alert, BLM protesters aren't insurrectionists either.

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Because these protesters donned the uniform of support with their red MAGA hats, American flags, and Qanon t-shirts, most capitol police officers simply stepped out of the way and let them in because they were on the same team.

Contrary to an insurrection, what actually happened is that thousands of people suffered from a mass delusion that Donald Trump was somehow relevant and cared about them. They marched on DC that day because they felt like they were part of something bigger and while there were a few dozen psychos who actually brought weapons and thought they were there to commit an actual overthrow of the government, the overwhelming majority of the people who participated in the Capitol riots were simply doing what they thought was right and exercising their First Amendment rights.

The vast majority of them weren't domestic terrorists and judging by the lack of damage caused to the Capitol building and grounds, they weren't much of a riotous mob either. The idea that Trump and his MAGA followers had any chance of overthrowing the U.S. government, or even that they thought they could, is a delusion. This was evidenced by the fact that thousands of them refused to even break the DC area law that prohibits guns in the area.

“We thought we were being used as a part of a plan to save the country, to save America, save the Constitution, and the election, the integrity,” said Daniel Rodriguez, who was seen on video tasering DC police officer Michael Fanone during the breach.

For his crimes, Rodriguez was indicted but he wasn't indicted on insurrection or sedition as he had a taser and thought he was supporting a current president. Instead, he was hit with charges like obstruction of an official proceeding, along with theft and destruction of government property.

“My story is just that we thought that we were going to save America... and we were wrong,” Rodriguez said.

His sentiments are shared by many of those who were so hypnotized by the MAGA mantra that they really thought Trump was going to save them. But Trump, like all the puppets before him couldn't care less about Rodriguez or any of the other folks who stormed the capitol that day. They were pawns in his own desire and lust for power.

As his followers are quickly learning, though he claimed to be an outsider, Trump has and always will be, part of the establishment. 

Make no mistake, however, the current puppets of the establishment, currently occupying the White House, will most assuredly use this day as a way to stoke hatred, fear, and divide. Facts do not matter so long as appeals to emotion can elicit support for a politician's cause. And, as all politicians have the same cause — more power — the Biden administration will make sure to exploit this situation to its fullest extent.

As TFTP has reported, despite the largely benign nature of the riot, for the last year, Biden has classified this largely unarmed group of rioters as the largest threat against democracy, issuing DHS warnings, ramping up security, and turning the area around the White House into a police state. He then proceeded to taunt anyone who would challenge the federal government, claiming that the Second Amendment right to bear arms is nothing against the government's F-15s and nukes.

So much for bringing Americans back together in 2021....