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"You were making people nervous......they said you had your hands in your pockets."

Pontiac, MI-- Brandon B Waxx McKean was walking down the street Thursday when he was approached by a deputy for his "suspicious behavior" of walking down the street with his hands in his pockets.

“You were walking by,” the deputy states.

“Walking by and doing what?” McKean asked.

“You were making people nervous,” the deputy said.

“By walking by?”

“Yeah, they said you had your hands in your pockets.”

The officer then pulls out his IPhone and bizarrely begins filming McKean and acting as sweet and innocent as possible while asking what McKean is up to.

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"Is it an inconvenience to talk to me right now?" the officer asks.

"Hell yeah, just because of the whole police situation going across the country- this is outrageous that you would let somebody tell you 'oh there's somebody walking down the street with their hands in their pockets'... there's 10,000 people in Pontiac right now with their hands in their pockets!"

"You're right, but we do have a lot of robberies... so I'm just checking on you."

If McKean had not had the good sense to film the encounter, this could have gone far differently. I doubt this officer would have been offering high fives and playing good guy had the camera not been rolling.

See the video below.

Since this event occurred McKean has already gone out and filmed police to protect the rights of another random citizen, declaring he wants to make sure another Mike Brown doesn't happen.

Always film police encounters. You never know, it may save a life.