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Baltimore, MD -- A video of a woman forcing her son to leave the #FreddieGray protests Monday is quickly making the rounds on the internet.

The incident was captured from several angles and it shows a concerned mother who is angered at her son for participating in the protests. Her son was dressed in all black and had donned a balaclava. He was apparently ready for action.

A video captioned “that awkward moment you mom catches you rioting” also emerged.

The mother was quickly referred to as "Mother of the Year" by the Twitter community after she was seen slapping her son and demanding he go home. Whether or not you agree with the mother's actions, Monday night in Baltimore was no day care.

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Monday night's protests quickly became dangerous as riot police and the high schoolers clashed. Within hours of the start of the protests, multiple fires were burning across the city.

Some people in the protests clearly had less than just intentions Monday night as the evening unfolded. At one point, rioters were seen on live TV pulling a woman from her car and beating her. Police were also reportedly firing rubber bullets and tear gas at the group of high school kids.

As the city was engulfed in smoke, the Baltimore police issued a curfew for children. Not long after, the national guard was called in. Baltimore was burning.

Whether or not you agree with the mother's intentions in removing her son from the situation, one thing is certain, Monday night in Baltimore was no place for children.