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If you turn on your television, open a web browser, or scroll your social media feed, you've likely seen the woke establishment media's coordinated attack on a comedian for talking on a podcast. Hundreds of hours of commentary, entire video series, superPACs, millions of tweets in produced campaigns and elderly musicians working in concert to silence a single comedian, Joe Rogan, for having conversations with random people.

Though Rogan has had a target on his back for years because he likes to ask questions that the establishment does not want to answer, the legacy media has ramped up their attacks recently. From slandering him about "horse paste," to republishing old out of context video mashups to paint him as a racist, team cancel culture is in attack mode.

Because Rogan has built an audience that dwarfs that of the mainstream, the dinosaurs in the legacy media see him as a threat. They need to control the narrative and with the thorn in their side that is the Joe Rogan Experience, they are unable to do so. Instead of competing with Rogan with honest hard work, they are choosing to use insidious tactics of slander and lies to silence him.

Unfortunately, it seems that they are having some success. Over the weekend, more than 70 episodes were removed from Spotify with Rogan being the one to pull them following discussions with the company about “some of the content in his show, including his history of using some racially insensitive language.”

On Saturday, Rogan posted yet another apology video for his past use of the n-word, calling it “the most regretful and shameful thing that I’ve ever had to talk about publicly.” Though he admitted the now-viral video mash-up of him using that word was completely taken out of context, he acknowledged that the video looked “horrible, even to me.”

Rogan certainly plays an important role in the hashing out of ideas and giving a voice to folks who would otherwise never be given a platform on the establishment media. And for this, he deserves credit. He also deserves a platform like everyone else. But that is all.

This controversy has gotten so large and out of hand when it should not even be an issue. Remember the good ole days when people stood up for free speech and didn't try to cancel everyone with whom they disagree? It's time to get back to that because all this distraction, cancelling, censoring, and silencing is helping those who actually need to be exposed, remain off the radar.

Case in point: After Ghislaine Maxwell's conviction, coverage of her situation in the mainstream media became non-existent. Instead, the talking heads went back to bashing their boogeymen to stoke divide. All the while, no one in the legacy media is asking the tough questions like "who the hell were her customers and why aren't we going after them"?

While a US court has since ruled that the sex assault case against Prince Andrew can proceed, no other clients have been brought to light. This is of far greater concern than some comedian using the n-word in a non-racist manner ten years ago.

Yet here we are.

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It is almost as if Maxwell served as a sacrificial lamb to the federal government, and in exchange for her blood, any lights shining into the Jeffery Epstein pedophilia case, would be turned off by the establishment — forever — and refocused back to inane divisive horse paste. 

What's more, while the mainstream was bashing a comedian, documents were obtained under Freedom of Information Act requests that reportedly show the US Bureau of Prisons bent facts to support the Jeffrey Epstein suicide narrative.

Ironically enough, the only ones reporting on this corruption is the Russian media at RT. And, the details of the documents reveal exactly why the establishment needs to maintain control over the narrative.

Documents obtained under Freedom of Information laws by RT investigative unit The Detail include startling records revealing how the US Bureau of Prisons (BOP) moved to shut down any and all public debate about the cause of Jeffrey Epstein’s death. Along the way, evidence was distorted, material facts ignored, and key anomalies unexplored and unpublicized.

After being found dead in his cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center on August 10, 2019, the records show that the Bureau issued statements to journalists and Epstein’s family categorically stating he’d committed suicide. The result was international news outlets universally and unquestioningly reporting that Epstein had taken his own life from the word go, despite Chief Medical Examiner Barbara Sampson having reached no conclusion at that time, and making clear in a statement the next day that the investigation was open and ongoing.

It was not until August 16 that Sampson publicly declared Epstein’s death had been a suicide. The ruling was contested by leading forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden, who’d been hired by the billionaire’s brother to monitor the autopsy process. Speaking to the Miami Herald two months later, he charged that “the autopsy did not support suicide,’’ and that the pathologist who conducted it had recorded this.

There are countless unanswered questions that plague the Maxwell/Epstein case, yet corporate media would have you believe that what Joe Rogan said a decade ago is more pressing.

How is it that the public knows more names of victims of Epstein and Maxwell than they know clients? How's that possible? Why are these pedophiles being protected and who is protecting them?

In 2015, Gawker leaked an alleged copy of Maxwell's black book which contained over 1,000 names of elite politicians, actors, and billionaires including Prince Andrew, Alec Baldwin, Tony Blair, and Michael Bloomberg. Donald Trump, Ted Kennedy, former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, corrupt lawyer Alan Dershowitz, and scores of underage victims were all listed in this book as well and yet the case stops here with Maxwell's conviction?

Prosecutors cited the book and the listing of the names of the girls as key evidence against Maxwell. “This book, Maxwell’s book, proves to you that Maxwell is guilty,” Assistant US attorney Alison Moe said during closing arguments.

But what about everyone else in it?!

Apparently, that is not important. Instead, the White House, the Surgeon General, the mainstream media, and all of woke Twitter want you to think that the greatest threat to your life is a comedian who smokes weed and talks about aliens.

Dear humanity, we have to do better.