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Lafayette, IN — Thanks to anonymous hackers on the internet, a self-professed neo-Nazi, who was just hired as a cop in Indiana, is out of a job. Internet sleuths outed the now former officer Joseph Zacharek as being a "fully" vetted Nazi and "NatSoc" (short for National Socialist) engaging in a history of fascist and white supremacist plots.

To be clear here, this is not some internet hacker throwing around the term "nazi" to label people they disagree with politically. Zacharek literally described himself as neo-Nazi and participated in groups tied to violent terrorist attacks across the globe, carried out in the name of white supremacy and following in Adolf Hitler's footsteps. The forum in which Zacharek was outed was known as the Iron March.

The Iron March was a self-described fascist web forum which — prior to being taken offline in 2017 — was linked nearly 100 hate crime murders and terrorist attacks. It was a forum in which people would gather to share their views on white supremacy and fascism and was home to literal neo-Nazis from all across the globe. It was essentially a recruiting ground for white extremist violence, which materialized into significant terrorist attacks and assassinations in multiple countries.

In 2019, the entire SQL database behind was posted on Internet Archives after anonymous hackers found it. The data, released by an unknown individual, includes private messages, user account information and the site’s forum posts. Guess whose name and email address were part of that data? None other than Officer Joseph Zacharek, hired by the Lafayette police department in June of this year.

Not only was Zacharek a card carrying member of the neo-Nazi web forum, but he was also active in discussions in which he expressed his views on why he thought the white race is superior to all other races. Below is his profile description from when he joined the site in 2016.

Hello all. I'm a 23 year old American with mostly Eastern European ancestry plus a bit of Anglo. I'm nearly finished with an enlistment in the Army as a tank crewman. When I was younger I was a garden variety conservative libertarian. Even then I had niggling doubts about race but didn't dwell on them much, as in the public education system you guzzle the Kool-Aid and gobble up the propaganda (((they))) put before you. It wasn't until I started working as an EMT in the inner city that I openly questioned the view that all races are equal. I was exposed to the vile "culture" of the African and learned that everything I had been taught on race had been a flimsy fabrication which was not supported by real world evidence. I found /pol/ and began reading the recommended books in the NatSoc General threads, which seemed to be the only threads where intelligent discussion was taking place. I was astounded at first by the open naming of the Jew, but the more research I did the more I was led to the same conclusions. I would now say that I am fully NatSoc, and I'm especially interested in NatSoc economics as a way of throwing off the chains of usury and Jewish owned banking. Basically, I joined because I want to engage in higher level fascist discourse than goes on in /pol/, and I want to be part of a community of likeminded people with the same or similar worldview. I look forward to the discussions here.

On Friday, the 'NatSoc' was outed as a police officer forcing the LPD to respond.

According to the Journal and Courier, LPD Chief Pat Flannelly said that after LPD internal affairs detectives found the social media tip “plausible and credible,” they confronted Zacharek about the claims and asking whether it was hoax. Flannelly said Zacharek admitted that the comments were his.

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On Saturday, after the cop admitted to being a neo-nazi, he was fired. After the firing, Flannelly received backlash over the fact that none of the officer's fascist trails — of which there were many — showed up in the background check.

“I know the question everyone will have is, how does something like this get missed in a background investigation,” Flannelly said. “How is it possible and how do we prevent this from ever happening again? I’m not going to sugar-coat this. Ultimately, it’s my responsibility. We missed it.”

They also missed the fact that when Zacharek was 22-years-old, he was arrested and convicted for DUI.

Luckily, the internet did not miss these things and this cop, who would have undoubtedly acted out his sick fascist desires in society — with impunity — was stopped in his tracks.

While the idea of a neo-Nazi police officer sounds shocking, it is anything but isolated. TFTP has reported on numerous incidents in which cops were outed as Klansman and neo nazis.

As we previously reported, a Florida deputy police chief was exposed as a member of the KKK , and no criminal wrongdoing was found as he resigned. In September, a Louisiana police detective was caught in a photo giving a Nazi salute at a KKK rally. An Alabama police officer recently spoke at a League of the South rally.

While the South has been fertile ground for racist groups, the KKK has penetrated many police departments around the country, as evidenced by the Lynwood horror in Los Angeles.

Larissa Moore and four of her law school colleagues performed an investigation of unsolved civil rights murders from 1946 to 1969, under a Syracuse University program, and confirmed an ugly truth.

During the Civil Rights movement, one of the KKK’s first orders was to infiltrate police departments, “because the laws don’t apply to them if they are the law,” according to Moore.

This echoes an FBI statement in 2006 that white supremacist groups “have historically engaged in strategic efforts to infiltrate and recruit from law enforcement communities.” The federal agency’s concern seems to be selfish, though, as it stated that the hate group’s actions cause “investigative breaches and can jeopardize the safety of law enforcement sources and personnel.”