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Brooklyn, NY -- As presidential candidates call for banning Muslims and ending the internet, governments and media push for a race war, and World War III looms on the horizon, one is left wondering how in the world society is letting this happen.

Thousands of women and children are being blown up by US bombs, American police kill a thousand US citizens a year, the US and its allies are bombing hospitals in the name of 'Freedom' and mothers are trampling each other to get a discount vegetable steamer at Walmart!

As Tears for Fears said back in 1983, "It's a very very mad world."

Those of us who see this rapacious and sedated society from the outside feel compelled to interject some sense into it. Unfortunately, the thing about sane people is that they sound crazy to an insane society and are quickly written off as kooks or fools.

Surveillance footage from a crash on Sunday shows just how desensitized and numb some people in society have become in regards to human suffering.

As the video begins, a young woman is walking down the sidewalk about to take a bite of her pizza when all of the sudden an SUV comes plowing over a trio of pedestrians. After being run over, the pedestrians were in obvious need of assistance.

However, instead of helping them, this woman simply keeps on walking. The argument can be made that she was fearful of the situation, not know what happened, and wanted to get away.....but that falls apart when she picks up the pizza slice and enjoys a bite as she casually keeps walking.

All three pedestrians were taken to the hospital and, sadly, the youngest victim, Victoria Nicodemus, 30, was pronounced dead.

According to DNAinfo, the driver of the SUV was arrested and faces charges of driving without a license and insurance.

Of course, this woman had absolutely no obligation whatsoever to help these people, but her callous and indifferent attitude epitomizes the state of society today. Indifference is the opposite of love.

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Unfortunately, she wasn't the only one who simply kept on walking. Multiple other people are seen walking by without so much as a look back.

It truly baffles the mind as to how humans can watch a fellow human suffer and care less about trying to end that suffering. How is it that the establishment can put a few images on the television of alleged suffering in the Middle East and Americans are chomping at the bit to start bombing them, but when an opportunity presents itself to actually render aid to a person right in front of them, they choose to abstain?

Either Americans are in a state of suspended disbelief, or they have grown so dependent upon the police state to handle things for them that they have lost the common courtesy of helping those in need - or perhaps it's a combination of both.

The good news is that light bulbs are constantly switching on, and people are waking up from their complacent slumber. Once you see the status quo for the corrupt and violent group of maniacs that they are, you cannot unsee it.

America is becoming the evil that it once stood against, and quickly. The waking up process cannot happen fast enough.

The only thing that will stop this pot from boiling over into dystopian nuclear fallout is a lesser ignorance. That quest must never stop.

Humanity is involved in a struggle, as we have always been, but there are much more of us now. Inciting peaceful change has never been more important. However, so many well-meaning individuals go about inciting this change with blunt force. This has to change.

If you truly want to make the world a more peaceful place, you have to become a more peaceful person. Petty infighting, personal attacks, vitriol, hate, and violence not in self-defense are the tools of tyrants and also of those who only claim to be awake.

It's time we all start trying be the change we want to see in this world.