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"You mention donuts again, I'm gonna slap you in the face!" "You wanna get out of my face before I f**k you up?!"

YouTube prankster Valeriy Abramov has struck the NYPD once again- this time dressed as "Officer Oinkie McBacon," complete with snout and tail.

While many of the officers did laugh off the gentle trolling, Abramov did get threatened with assault several times.

In what other profession can you threaten to kick people's asses for being annoying with complete impunity?

He is lucky he wasn't arrested for "impersonating an officer" as Steven Peers was in May, when he sported a pig mask to raise awareness of corruption and misconduct.

This isn't the first time the young man has put his courage on display. In his previous videos, Abramov has certainly pushed the limits as well.

In his video "Pissing Off Cops" from last month, he walks straight up to an officer telling him he has cannabis in his pocket, and uses a water bottle to pretend that he is urinating on a patrol car- right in front of an officer.

In a video titled "How to be a Cop", Abramov confronts NYPD officers about stop and frisk, abuse of power, and donuts.

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When Abramov asked one officer if a requirement for working in the department is willingness to abuse power, the officer replies;

"Sometimes, depends on how much of a smart ass the person is you're dealing with."

Shockingly, Abramov has only been arresting during the making of a video once. The video begins with the teenager being threatened after asking an officer about "National Donut Day".

After asking another officer if he can eat him for breakfast, he ends up being arrested for one of his tamer pranks of calling an officer a pig.

"Want me to stick that hand right up your f**king ass", one NYPD officer asks.

"If you get robbed, and I see you, I'm looking the other way." another officer states.

As a public servant I am fairly certain you should not be allowed to pick and choose who you serve.

While these pranks are an extremely dry humor, and some may argue childish, they do show the violent disposition of those we grant guns and power.