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A month ago was the one year anniversary for the death of the hero Johnny Hurley. Our organization, The Free Thought Project made several posts about it on the anniversary to keep his story alive. One of those posts reached Brent Kaufman of "The Friends of Johnny Hurley Foundation" who reached out to us and asked if we could discuss Johnny's story and case with us in a little more detail.

In this conversation we spoke about The Friends Of Johnny Hurley foundation, who Johnny was, new developments within his case, his bravery and how his training might have played a role in his demise and possible evidence this could have been a mass shooting false flag gone wrong. We also talked about some strange coincidences in the case including a video of the officer who killed Hurley on video talking to the mass shooter 2 weeks prior. We also discussed how to help keep his legacy alive and how to help the foundation. (Length: 1:06:22)

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