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Few people in modern history have spawned an awakening of the masses like former Congressman, Dr. Ron Paul. Throughout his tenure in Congress, Ron Paul was known as 'Dr. No' because he voted on 100% principal. Unlike any of his peers, Ron Paul was often the single 'no' vote on many issues. He never voted for wars, or to advance the police state, or to bailout big banks and corporations. He was a true hero to freedom.

One of Ron Paul's most defining moments of his career was waking people up to the corrupt history of the Federal Reserve and the problems this privately owned central bank causes throughout the world. He even wrote a book about it, while he was still in Congress, titled, End the Fed.

Saturday is Ron Paul's birthday. He turns 81-years-old.

Coincidentally, in one epic fail of a PR move, the Federal Reserve created a Facebook presence on August 18. They were immediately met with thousands of comments from an army of trolls.

And, in his unwavering and relentless pursuit of liberty and justice, Ron Paul devoted his show on the eve of his birthday to tearing it down too.

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Ron Paul and his guest went over all the things you won't find on the Fed's Facebook page.

During the show, Paul explained how the Federal Reserve is an outfit designed to manipulate the currency to benefit its special interests of big banks and corrupt politicians.

Ron Paul's knowledge and ability to relay that knowledge to the people is what set him apart from the rest.

“Imagine an irresponsible teenager with an unlimited line of credit. The parents, teachers, pastors, and authorities in his life are ultimately powerless to change his habits. Now imagine that teenager armed to the teeth and also immune even from the rule of law. This is what you have with a government backed by a central bank.��

Happy Birthday Ron Paul and thank you for never compromising on your principals.