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Ron Paul, former Congressman, presidential candidate, and medical doctor, brought up a simple, yet chilling point about the hysteria surrounding the Korean war propaganda being shoved down the collective throats of American citizens as of late. During an interview with the Mises Institute's Lew Rockwell, Ron Paul bluntly noted, "I fear our government more than North Korea." And, he's right. If you don't know why he's right, ask yourself this question, "What has North Korea done to you?"

For decades, the insane dictatorship that is North Korea has been making hollow threats — none of which they have ever carried out since the Korean war. Since the Korean War, North and South Korea have engaged in incursions and sabotage within each other's respective countries, but North Korea has never attacked anyone else since.

As Ron Paul pointed out, the fact that North Korea is not an actual threat to the US is of no interest to those buying into the fear mongering war propaganda. Even the non-interventionists who supported Trump are buying into the sheer apocalyptic lunacy that would be a war with North Korea.

"The propagandists are winning," said Paul. "It's almost like Saddam Hussein again, is going to come and 'get us,'" Paul said as he recalled the lies the US used to convince Americans to invade Iraq.

Paul then points out how all of these 'threats' the US government constantly bombards us with are not really threats at all. Rather, the US government itself is the greatest threat to our freedom and well being.

"Russia is not going come. If the Soviet Union couldn't do it, Russia is not going to be able to do it. China is not going to come and interfere with my liberties. But on a daily basis, my liberties are threatened (by the US government.)"

After Paul made the point, Rockwell asked a series of questions that exposed the war propaganda and saber rattling with Russia and North Korea as a distraction from the real enemy of our freedoms — Uncle Sam.

"Who is threatening our liberties here in the United States?

"Who's taxing us?

"Who's spying on us?

"Who's wanting to control our speech?"

Nothing highlights the hypocrisy of the US government's claim of keeping the world safe quite like the global polls taken over the last several years that ask, "Which country is the greatest threat to peace on the planet?"

Unanimously, every year, the answer to that question is the United States. 

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If the United States spent a fraction of the money it spends waging wars and invading countries overseas on protecting and fostering freedom domestically, the idea of war with North Korea would be shot down instantly and those calling for it ousted as traitors.

Sadly, however, as Paul noted, the propaganda works and the masses buy into everything their rulers in the marble buildings tell them.

North Korea doesn't come here and kidnap and cage people for possessing a plant — America does.

North Korea doesn't come here and publicly sodomize innocent people on the roadside in search of substances deemed illegal by the state — America does.

North Korea doesn't come here and blow up the faces of babies with grenades in search of non-existent drugs — America does.

North Korea doesn't come here and kill innocent grandpas in the middle of the night and protect the killers who did it — America does.

North Korea doesn't come here, disperse an occupying force that kills over a thousand citizens every year with impunity — America does.

Until these hard truths are faced by the citizens of this country, we will continue to aggressively antagonize and provoke other countries like North Korea until one of these psychopaths — with their finger on the 'red button' — kicks off a global nuclear holocaust.

Being antiwar is not some cowardly stance by peaceniks and hippies, it is the only way to ensure humanity's future on this planet.

Peace is not only the goal, but it is the only effective path by which that goal is reached.