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Anyone who is awake to government corruption knows how frustrating it can be sitting at a social gathering while listening to everyone talk about football or Miley Cyrus' latest twerking ploy.

Of course there is nothing wrong with pro-sports and music stars, they are a product of society and exist because people find joy in them. What is wrong, however, is that many people are consumed by these things. Society becomes distracted from real issues that actually affect their lives and conversations which can lead to positive change become taboo, while the largely controlled and focus group driven pop-culture becomes the norm.

Conversations in bars, restaurants, malls and locker rooms across the continent are all eerily similar. They vary only by their geographical location which delegates the sports teams involved in the discussion.

This denial of relevant conversations has become the norm and even designated by its own idiom, "Never talk about religion or politics." What this idiom represents is humans refusing to explore our spirituality or question the status quo; mostly out of fear of ridicule or going against the norm.

The closest people get to contemplating the intricacies of political social order is bashing the current president. There are no challenging thoughts presented to suggest what life could be like outside of the status quo. Questioning the established order makes you an oddball, a weirdo, and an outsider.

But it doesn't have to be like this.

Many people who are "awake" are also incredibly passionate. However, this passion can sometimes manifest into a fault.

Of course, having a passion for change is completely normal once you see the murderous, thieving mass of sociopaths who've seized control of nearly every aspect of your personal life. You want to go out on the rooftops and scream! This feeling is natural, it's a reactionary display of "fight or flight." And, in some scenarios it's an effective way to incite change. But in most situations, it is not.

The reason society talks about pop-culture and sports all the time is because these issues are benign and comfortable. Our paradigms and world views are not challenged, and it makes us feel safe. When we see a different worldview for the first time, it frightens us. If you inform others about these hair-raising realities, and you yell at them or become angry, not only will you be shunned, but your message will be perceived as you presented it, vitriolic.

Not everyone can be the Alex Jones-esque madman, screaming into a microphone trying to shake people out of their slumber. If everyone tried to employ these same tactics of yelling at people to give them information, the liberty movement would have died out a long time ago.

Cordiality, reciprocity, sincerity, these are the tools of influence, not yelling and screaming.

Only the state can use yelling and intimidation to influence others, and this is called indoctrination. It is why boot camp exists, and why it takes weeks. The drill instructor method is highly effective at changing minds, but instead of freeing and opening a mind, it closes it.

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Another facet of presenting this powerful information is the appropriate level of quantity. When we are presenting these challenging views to others, we must make sure to not dump too much information onto them, or they can become overwhelmed.

The process of "waking up" is not something that happens in an hour long conversation. Ideas take time to grow. They have to blossom into questions about one's own reality. It can even be argued that the waking up process is a life-long journey.

The idea here is to plant seeds, and water these seeds from time to time and let them grow into plants, on their own terms. Remember that no one can yank a plant straight from a seed; these things take time.

An example of this "seed" would be interjecting into a conversation the notion of marijuana being illegal and the criminally immoral actions on behalf of the state to keep it illegal.

"What do you guys think about the government keeping nature illegal?"

"Marijuana is becoming legal in several states, do you all think that it should be illegal anywhere? Isn't kidnapping and locking someone in a cage for possessing a plant immoral?"

These are just examples of seeds. The seed planting method is entirely passive, and magnitudes more effective than screaming your point of view into deaf ears.

The age old saying which states, "You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar," has been around for a long time because it's true. For the purpose of this article, we can rewrite this saying as, "Assholes don't open minds, handshakes do."

No matter how well-meaning your intentions, if they are poorly presented, they will do more harm than good.

Humanity is involved in a struggle, as we have always been, but there are much more of us now. Inciting peaceful change has never been more important. However, so many well-meaning individuals go about inciting this change with blunt force. This has to change.

If you truly want to make the world a more peaceful place, you have to become a more peaceful person. Petty infighting, personal attacks, vitriol, and hate are the tools of tyrants and also of those who only claim to be awake.

Peace is true professionalism.

Next time you're cringing in a public setting, listening to Joe Six Pack spout off NFL stats like an ESPN commentator, wait for an opportune time and plant that seed.

"Hey Joe, speaking of the Kansas City Chiefs, what do you think of wide receiver, Dwayne Bowe and his arrest for having weed? Do you think its cool that he was deprived of his freedom for having a plant?"

Be the honey, not the asshole.