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At the time of his death, hip-hop legend Tupac Shakur was hungry for revolution, and his passion for change could be seen in every interview and performance he ever gave.

In one 1992 interview that was recently released by MTV, Tupac shared his revolutionary views on society, politics, racism and poverty. He also took the opportunity to call out Trump, by name, and spoke against the gluttonous behavior of the ruling class. He went on to describe how the peasants in this country are taught to emulate and respect this type of behavior.

"Everybody is taught at school if you want to be successful, you want to be like Trump, it's all gimme gimme gimme, crush crush crush," he said in the interview.

While speaking of poverty, Tupac never called for government action or intervention but instead suggested that people should be decent human beings, offer their goodwill, and care for their neighbors.

"Now America is dressed up in jewels, they paid and they lending money to everybody except for us. Everybody need a little help on they way to being self-reliant. No independent person was born and just grew up independent. You worked and you learned teamwork and cooperation and unity and struggle and then you became independent. We have to teach that and instill that," he said.

He also spoke of racism, and how it is time for people of all colors and ethnicities to come together, lift one another up, and fight against their collective oppression.

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Tupac’s words and actions caused a lot of controversy during his short life, especially in 1993 when he shot two police officers and was not charged. It was found that the officers were drunk and instigated a violent confrontation.

Tupac was killed only a few years after this interview was made. The world will never know the ultimate impact that Tupac would have played in society had he survived. Would he have led a revolution, become a teacher to the masses, continued making albums, or all of the above?

Unfortunately, all we can do is guess. At least we have a back catalog of interviews and albums to reference when looking for some inspiration from one of the most talented artists in modern times.

Below is the prophetic and rare footage of Tupac Shakur.

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