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Chock this one up for a win folks! Because of the large outcry and resistance to the 1984-style tracking system implemented in Seattle, they have been forced to deactivate it.


Paid for in part by funds from DHS, the spy grid, using the MAC address of your wireless device, could literally track your every move and store your last 1,000 locations.

The Seattle Police Department just announced that it has begun the process of deactivating this wireless slave grid.

According to KOMO News Seattle,

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 In what's being called a "gesture of good will," the Seattle Police Department has agreed to deactivate a WiFi network in downtown Seattle that some worried could be used to spy on residents.

Last week, the ACLU of Washington raised concerns about a number of white boxes that recently showed up in parts of downtown Seattle.

The boxes are part of a wireless mesh network that was installed by the Seattle Police Department to improve communication. However, there were immediate concerns about the network being used to track people's movements.

"In a democratic society you should be able to move freely without law enforcement tracking your movements unless they have reason to believe you're doing something wrong," ACLU communications director Doug Honig said last week.

This is how freedom wins. The establishment will try and lead you to believe that you have no power, but that is because they are scared of what we are actually capable of when we lose our complacency.

With sites like this and others that bring the controversial and relevant news to the forefront, and the large freedom network made up of people like you, we are making it harder for these tyrants to tighten their grip.