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Kansas City, MO -- The Westboro Baptist Church is infamous for their tasteless, hateful, and revolting displays across the US. From "God Hates Fags" to "God hates dead soldiers" these professional Bible trolls know exactly how to incite anger.

As the Free Thought Project has reported in the past, the Westboro Baptist Church actually relies on people assaulting them, so they hold no punches when it comes to how low they will stoop.

In his June report, John Vibes pointed out how the demented religious views of the WBC are only half of their sinister ways.

The Westboro Baptist Church actually loves to get attacked by counter-protesters, and they also love it when towns attempt to block them from protesting. That is because the Westboro Baptist Church is a business, that is designed to provoke people into doing things that can get them sued. They may or may not believe the hateful rhetoric that they promote. However, their true motivation is a financial one that has nothing to do with their alleged religious beliefs.

The "church" funds their future protests using the winnings from lawsuits against people who assault them during protests.

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In their most recent display of hatred and bigotry, the WBC was outside of a Foo Fighters show in Kansas City Friday night. However, instead of being met with fists to the face, they got a dose of Foo Fighter fantasticness.

After hearing that the WBC was conducting a protest outside of their Friday night show, the Foo Fighters hopped into a pickup truck and embarked on one of the most epic trolling adventures of all time.

With Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up," blaring on the loudspeaker, the Foo Fighters "rickrolled" the hateful protesters. The sounds of their slurs were quickly drowned out by Astley's catchy theme and the sound of hundreds of swarming fans. Within a few seconds, the "counter-protest" was a success and the WBC received the trolling of a lifetime.

This magnificent moment was captured on cellphone video and uploaded to YouTube over the weekend. It has since begun its journey to super virality.