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Firebrand comedian Joe Rogan took direct aim at the absurdity of recent cries of cultural appropriation during his extremely popular podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience.

With the Halloween season in full swing, which is traditionally a time of increased claims of cultural appropriation, the latest accusation of cultural appropriation from the pc police is the claim that white women wearing hoop earrings are appropriating Latina culture.

"I was f***ing reading an article, and I almost punched my screen. They're saying that hoop earrings are cultural appropriation. Girls aren't allowed to wear hoop earrings," said a clearly frustrated Rogan.

"It's racist against white people," Rogan said.

Pulling no punches, Rogan explained how nonsensical the idea of cultural appropriation is in a “melting pot” of culture – such as the United States.

"The entire country is a melting pot of cultural appropriation, you dumb c***s! That's the whole idea of having a civilization, it's that you get to share each other's food, share each other's recipes, listen to each other's music, listen to each other's jokes and stories, buy each other's clothes,"he exclaimed.

"You get these f***ing dummies who are just looking to complain and criticize, and just call out everything and everybody," Rogan said.

Rogan dismantled the idea that any one person or group has “ownership” over a culture and has a right to deny others the ability to participate in it:

"You don't own your culture, you f***ing idiot. You know why? Because you didn't create it. You didn't invent pizza, you didn't invent pasta, you didn't invent Chinese food; it's been around for hundreds of f***ing years. You were just born. You were born with sort of ethnicity, you don't own that ethnicity."

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"The idea that you can keep other people from enjoying it and appreciating the history of other human beings is f***ing racist, and it's stupid,"declared Rogan.

The initial impetus behind calling out cultural appropriation was originally to try and ensure that cultural traits aren’t being made fun of or used as a cultural meme, such as dressing as an “Indian” for Halloween, but progressive extremists have taken it far beyond that.

The over the top politically correct culture of outrage now accuse white people who wear braids, dreadlocks, play ethnic music, or cook ethnic food of appropriating culture.

The reality is that no one owns any culture as different cultures have been inspired and evolved directly from their engagement with other cultures throughout time.

All this divide and hatred is deliberately being sold to the public as a means to keep them distracted from the real racist system like the police state and the drug war. As America fights internally, the prison industrial complex is destroying lives. As we buy into the race-baiting, the military-industrial complex is murdering scores of innocent men, women, and children across the globe. These are the ideas the media does not want you talking about.

Smashing statues, trying to build a superior race, hating others for dressing like you; these things are futile in regards to inciting positive change, which is why they aren't working. If you really want to build a better future, we have to start in the present and stop living in the past. We have to be aware that those at the top need us on the ground fighting so their old system can remain.

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