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One of the freedoms patients in America currently have is in jeopardy in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak. It is the freedom to leave a doctor's office, hospital, or nursing home against medical advice. It's also known as "leaving AMA".

Some patients, for example, already lost the right. They are the mentally ill. Mentally ill interred patients may wish to leave AMA but because of the nature of their illness they're not allowed to do so.

But what happens when someone who is not mentally ill, who presumably has COVID-19 because of symptoms, wishes to leave a medical facility AMA? The answer may be scarier than the fear of the virus itself. With respect to AMA and COVID-19 Forbes writes:

While patients may theoretically still be able to exercise their right to leave AMA, hospital systems, government officials, and community watchdogs will need to determine how to manage this conundrum if it indeed does start becoming prevalent.

A video shared with TFTP — which is being systematically deleted from the internet — shows an example of this. James Abram, of Dallas, TX, went to the hospital, reportedly by ambulance, with symptoms of a chronic cough and a fever. Yet when hospital staff attempted to do a "work up" on him to determine which illness he had when someone from his home called for help, he refused and started a Facebook live video.

After spending some time in the ER, six local hospital staff including what appeared to be police officers equipped with body cameras, surrounded him and attempted to test him by force. It's unknown if James had an extreme fear of needles, or a history of mental illness, but he did ask for a lawyer. "Before you stick a needle in me," he said as his anxiousness seemed to increase, he wanted a lawyer present. One of the caregivers attempted to explain to Mr. Abram why they wanted him to consent to be tested. He explained:

So the doctors talked to you. They did not feel like you have the capacity to make medical decisions based on their discussion with you.

Abram attempted to question the contention by alluding to his age and the fact he's a "grown man" capable of making his own decisions. His request for a lawyer was simply ignored as staff continued to surround him and inch closer to restraining him and testing him by force. One staff member asked him if he were simply going to leave and go infect other citizens. No rationalization was working with Abram and no objections were being validated by the hospital staff who were intent on testing him. The staff member stated:

All we're trying to do is help you. Nobody wants to hurt you. We just want to make sure that you're okay.

The belief, the hospital staff were more concerned about his wellness than violating his medical rights, seems legitimate. However, we have also seen where beat cops, street level officers of the law, also use citizens' wellness concerns to force medical evaluations, tests, inoculations, and even sodomy over the objections of unsuspecting individuals. The stalemate between Abram and the hospital staff continued.

So if you'd be willing for us to do what we need to do medically to you, you wouldn't have to go through all of this and I think that's the concern. You're sick. We can all tell that you're sick but you don't want to get the help that you need. You were sick enough to call an ambulance.

At this point in the video, Abram starts talking about a "Revolution". It's unclear if his revolutionary comments are indicative of his mental well-being or his nervousness in being surrounded. "Do you know what a revolution is?...I'm a revolutionary...Coronavirus is not real...Y'all ain't fooling me...My IQ is over a 100..." the young man and father of one ranted before adding, "I'm not sick."

Abram admitted he was brought to the hospital because of a cough and that he wasn't feeling well. All the while it appears a law enforcement officer was in the room as well because a police radio was heard in the background of the video. "Things are going to change today," Abram said as he promised to televise the revolution. "The revolution will be televised bro," he said. It's at this point in the video Abram communicated what he wanted from medical staff and it did not include putting a needle in his arm. Arguably in his most lucid request, James Abram stated, unwaveringly, he wanted his five basic needs met.

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I want you to give me my five basic needs that every American should have.

Those five needs are air , water, nutrients, shelter and sleep, but Abram would not have his needs met until after hospital staff had their way with him and tested him by force. The last few minutes in the video show nothing as the camera was lowered and staff moved in to administer their tests. Screams could be heard as Abram continually pleaded for it to end.

Seventeen minutes into the video, the staff presumably administered the tests, over the objections of Abram, amid terrifying screams, and violence which could not be seen, only heard. Abram complained staff choked him, "help that sh*t ain't right bro!" "This is not right, bro," he stated.

The whole incident is understandably disturbing and certainly Abram's right to leave the hospital AMA was overruled. We interviewed a nurse practitioner who wanted his identity protected. He believed Abram may have a history of mental illness and pointed to strange statements he made in the video about his childhood, the revolution, and COVID-19 not being real as potential evidence.

"He's just reacting completely out of were probably scared as a kid, too, and now you could really hurt someone if you're infected with COVID-19," he told TFTP.

It's still unclear if life for the world will return to the way it was before the latest iteration of the Coronavirus presented itself. Already the mainstream media and the government appear to be programming minds of viewers by using buzzwords such as "our new normal".

Who knows if the Coronavirus will turn out to be the Trojan horse which takes away and defeats every American's right to resist testing and leave a medical facility against the medical advice (AMA) of the healthcare professionals. Along with our rights to privacy, the right of refusal of medical treatment appears to be threatened now more than ever before.

It was not too long ago America seemed outraged at a Utah police officer's manhandling arrest of a hospital nurse who attempted to protect the rights of a comatose patient's blood not to be drawn and used against him in a court of law. That officer was fired but quietly rehired proving not even violating a person's rights to not have their blood drawn against their will is enough to keep a fired cop from being rehired.

Since the incident in the hospital Abram created a fundraiser he calls the Jame's Family Fundraiser. As of the writing of this story, Abram asked for only $500 and received all of it. He says he's "not a greedy man" and just wants the money to help his family. In another of his videos he admits to having no health insurance through his employer and getting paid in cash and treated like an "illegal immigrant" by the company he works for.

Certainly, as COVID-19 takes over the United States killing people, more cases of patients wanting to leave AMA will take place. How we as a society choose to respond to those individuals' requests may determine if we as a people will be able to resist the help offered to us by medical professionals. Will forced vaccinations be next? Will refusal to consent to inoculations on religious grounds be banished forever (it already is in some states)? Will families forever lose the right to informed consent? These questions and more remain as we wade through an existential life-threatening pandemic.

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