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The two-party paradigm, which uses superficial divisive talking points to keep Americans fighting with each other is often times so powerful that it can cause those who prescribe to it to condone even the most horrific crimes of "their party." Illustrating this insanity is a recent interview conducted by News2Share's Ford Fischer, who interviewed a college student who claimed to support Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court—no matter what.

Fischer has been in Washington D.C. this week covering the shenanigans surrounding the Kavanaugh hearing. On Thursday, a bus pulled up which was apparently supposed to be full of "Women for Kavanaugh" but which also contained men.

Fischer interviewed several of the individuals on the bus, one of who showed the insidious control the two parties wage over the minds of Americans.

In the interview, the male "Liberty University" student—who ironically arrived on a bus labelled "Women for Kavanaugh"—was asked how he felt about the accusations levied against the justice-to be. His response was utterly mind blowing.

“I really hope he gets in personally because I want abortion to stop," said the student before illustrating his loyalty to the party no matter what. "Even if it turns out he’s guilty, I think I’m still gonna support him and hope he gets in because it’s our chance to end abortion.”

This incredible ability to condone attempted rape to support the party is not isolated. This student is merely echoing popular sentiment among many of the pundits he likely listens to. Case in point: conservative columnist, Dennis Prager, who Reason points out, often accuses the left of subverting traditional Christian values and peddling moral relativism, wrote earlier this week that the charge against Kavanaugh should be ignored, "even if true."

According to Prager, who represents a large portion of the right, we should simply ignore the allegations even if they are true because it supports the party. 

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Whether or not Kavanaugh is guilty of the crimes for which he stands accused is unclear. However, what he is accused of is entirely clear.

According to his accuser Christine Blasey Ford, Brett Kavanaugh, at a party in Montgomery county, Maryland, took her into a bedroom, pinned her to the bed, groped her, attempted to remove the bathing suit she was wearing and then put his hand over her mouth to stop her from screaming before she was able to escape.

Whether or not this is true is unknown. However, condoning behavior like this — from anyone — so your politics can have a seat on the Supreme Court, is as disgusting as it is insane.

Currently, no one can say for certain that Brett Kavanaugh is guilty of sexually assaulting anyone. However, depending on which side of the two-party paradigm people subscribe to, he is either completely guilty or entirely innocent or it doesn't even matter—facts and due process be damned.

The same thing happens on the left as well. When alleged victims come forward against a Democrat, the right supports them while the left smears and ignores them.

Case and point: Keith Ellison. Just like Kavanaugh, Ellison stands accused by multiple women only there are police reports to support these allegations and they are far more recent. However, unlike Kavanaugh, Democrats aren't telling Ellison to step aside, or even talking about it at all. When they are talking about it, the Democratic party is smearing the victim.

While this may seem like insanity to those able to see outside of the political spectrum, it is necessary for the paradigm's existence. Many people allow party lines to rule their logic and end up holding beliefs which are entirely contradictory. For example, one cannot be 'Pro-life' while at the same time being Pro-war but they are. Conversely, one cannot advocate for the state to "get out of their uterus" while at the same time demanding state money to pay for abortions but they do.

What this illustrates is that partisan politics and the two-party paradigm draw people into a state of cognitive dissonance in which they can hold two entirely contradictory ideas as a single truth—just so long as their political rulers tell them to do so. Hypocrisy is the very fabric of the current political paradigm and until people wake up to the fact that we are ruled by a system of rapists, thieves, and murderers, the rapists, thieves and murderers will continue to rule.