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As COVID-19 fears spread across the country, the government's reaction becomes more an more ominous. In the land of the free, we could very well see a situation unfold as it did in China in which citizens were grabbed off the street and disappeared in concentration camps. What if Martial Law became a reality in the U.S. and you get arrested and need to get away before your fate is sealed and you are hauled off to some black site facility like the one in Chicago? What would you do? How would you get out of those handcuffs? Well, it’s pretty simple actually. There’s only one requirement. You have to have enough hair to be keep a bobby pin in in it.

As TFTP has reported on numerous occasions, accused criminals can get pretty resourceful when it comes to getting away from the cops. Some people dislocate their thumbs and, if loose enough, can slide off the cuffs and get away. One suspect did this and actually crawled from the backseat of the police cruiser to the front and made off with the cop’s own car. Yeah, that actually happened. It didn’t end well for her but what a joy ride!

In a recent episode of the YouTube channel “Ryan and Amber Show”, Ryan shows viewers how to escape handcuffs using only a bobby pin. He first introduced the video by demonstrating almost all cops use the same type of handcuffs and operating key. He then handcuffed himself tightly and began demonstrating how the bobby pin escape plan works.

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The pin has to be thin enough to wedge into the teeth on the cuffs. Then, while holding the pin with a finger on one hand, Ryan began to squeeze the cuffs tighter while pressing on the pin at the same time. This action allows the pin to go all the way over the teeth separating the teeth from its locking mechanisms.

From there Ryan said a simple bit of pressure is all it takes to release the cuffs on the one hand. Once released the hand is free to do the same exact thing on the other cuff. Of course, if you get one hand free you don’t need to wait to make a break for it. Just bolt! Take off like gangbusters and keep your fingers crossed that you’ll get away from your kidnappers. But don’t forget this one important detail worth mentioning.

Cops don’t like to get embarrassed. If you get out of their cuffs, and make a break for it, make sure you’re also fast enough to outrun the him or else his fellow badge-wearing members will show up and give you a beatdown you’ll never forget, if you live to tell about it.

The real question now is where in the world will you keep your bobby pin on your person. Hmm...questions questions. Check out Ryan’s video below to see how it all works.


Getting out of handcuffs is this easy?

Posted by The Ryan And Amber Show on Sunday, March 8, 2020