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(Break The Matrix) We are at war… No, not just the conventional war plastered across social media and the nightly television news. Not just the wars raging that receive zero coverage either. It is a war taking place not thousands of miles away in deserts, caves, and towns half way around the world. But right here at home. It is a war not fought with bombs and bullets, but instead using words as its weapons.

And every single one of us is a participant and a victim. Whether we like it or not. Whether we know it or not.

We are in the trenches of an information war. One being waged by propagandists on all sides to manipulate the thoughts, emotions, perceptions, and behavior of the masses.

Every second of every day people all over the world are exposed to its influence. From their own governments, and foreign ones. How can we even know what's true anymore?

The sad reality is, we can't, not at least without putting in a strenuous amount of effort to circumvent the deluge of propaganda we’re currently drowning in. It's not as simple anymore, for anyone anywhere, as just turning on a broadcast or picking up the local paper.

Lest they be saturated with state sponsored talking points, cleverly disguised as genuine reporting, intent not to inform and educate, but hypnotize and manipulate.

Those who have been paying attention the last two years certainly recognize the inundation of disinformation that has taken place in the “Great Reset” era. Diatribes pontificated as settled facts, not to be questioned. Those who dissent from the status quo, regardless of legitimacy, turned into pariahs.

Only to have the “settled science” implode in upon itself, and its dissenters vindicated time and again.

We've also periodically witnessed this same occurrence respective to the US war machine. Whether it be ignorance, obfuscation, or deliberate falsification, all of America's military incursions in recent decades have seen the same fate — It's erroneous proponents discredited, it's dissenters vindicated, all in the hindsight of a bloody catastrophe that could have been entirely avoided if not for the hawkish attitudes of Washington.

Case and point: Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Lybia, etc…

And we're witnessing the same fervent behaviors now. Virtue signaling Americans, illiterate of basic fundamental facts driving the conflict in Ukraine, who are all too eager to jump on the pro-war bandwagon in their latest fit of NPC-ism because its the hip new narrative that daddy government and the TV told them to care about.

The dangerousness of this malinformation is that this time around the manufactured ignorance of the public has convinced a sizable portion to unknowingly support the nuclear annihilation of our entire species.

For those familiar information operations, this kind of narrative manipulation and manufacturing of perceptions is self-evident. We are under the constant barrage of a propaganda campaign. One that is becoming more militarized and erratic by the minute.

This latest fit of hysteria filled xenophobic pro-war posturing — not unlike the prejudice, racism, and xenophobia thrust upon the Muslim and Middle Eastern communities throughout the “war on terror” — is just the latest iteration of this evolving phenomenon.

We saw it with Trump Derangement Syndrome, we saw it with Mass Formation Psychosis, and we’re seeing it now with neo-McCarthyism.

 (Wisconsin mustard Museum removes Russian mustard in a show of ridiculous virtue signaling)

(Wisconsin mustard Museum removes Russian mustard in a show of ridiculous virtue signaling)

This kind of rabid reactionary-ism is problem-reaction-solution on a mass psychological scale. We have reached levels of absurdity and disdain previously unseen in modern times.

Just a few examples of this lunacy —

• The International Cat Federation barring Russian felines from competition;

• A Russian pianist removed from the Montreal Symphony Orchestra solely due to his nationality, despite his outspokenness against the war;

• Disabled Russian athletes removed from the Paralympics for their nationality.

• Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, the first person to ever go to space, had his name and legacy memory-holed by the space foundation. Despite having died in 1968 and having absolutely nothing to do with recent events.

These just being some of the most preposterous. Compounded by even further reaching consequences of Russophobic prejudice. Over 40 international companies have severed business relations in Russia; the Nord Stream 2 pipeline was halted, exacerbating the global energy crisis.

Social media such as Facebook and Instagram, and YouTube have been completely blocked to Russians by their government, serving to only further isolate the Russian population — as well as further restricting the flow of information. On top of newly enacted measures of brutal siege warfare which will only serve to economically devastate millions of innocent people.

This kind of irrational hatred is not only grotesque but incredibly dangerous as it normalizes segregationist and discriminatory mentalities in the minds of millions.

Anyone who just so happens to be of Russian lineage is essentially being made an “unperson". Dehumanizing an entire nation of nearly 145 million people due to the actions of their government is a measure of insanity and immorality of the highest degree.

Further amplifying the information war is the beyond reprehensible escalations of censorship that have taken place in recent weeks.

News channels based out of or partially funded by Russia have been completely banned throughout Europe, and heavily restricted throughout the rest of the world. Despite featuring commentators, such as Chris Hedges, openly opposed to Putin's invasion.

Few realize the horrendous implications of this, not only for press freedom, but for the essence of truth as we know it.

Considering channels like RT America, which has recently been forced to shut down after over a decade on air, was one of the only large adversarial news outlets to question the “official” narrative, criticize the hegemony of the American Empire, and often helped shed light on many of the lies peddled by America's establishment media.

Expanding and reinforcing this kind of echo chamber where the career propagandists of the American oligarchy / military industrial complex are be able to shape reality into whatever they want it to be is frightening. To put it simply, giving lifelong pathological liars and mass murderers and monopoly on what is “true" is a terrible idea.

We're already seeing the next phase of this information war ramp up to previously unseen levels. Western media has made the denial of basic facts common practice. Completely ignoring the central role that NATO's aggressive eastward expansion, and the US backed fascist coup overthrowing Ukraine's government in 2014, played in facilitating the current conflict.

While simultaneously ignoring Ukraine's ongoing eight year war against the people of the Donbas region, constantly violating the Minsk II agreements and massacring over 14,000 people. More recently some outlets have even taken to framing the horrendous attack by Ukrainian forces on the civilians of Donetsk as if it were committed by the Russians. While others ignore Ukraine's blatant war crimes entirely, just as they have the previous eight years.

Recently Western media has stooped to the new all-time low of Nazi glorification to sell their war in Ukraine. While the CIA now openly admits that it has spent years training these extremists to carry out a guerilla war. Their assets in the media are now working overtime to turn fascist paramilitaries into freedom fighters.

The same way they did with Osama Bin Laden in the 1980s, and Syria's "moderate Rebels” in the previous decade.

The praise and promotion of outright Nazis to fan the flames of the next proxy war is an even more bizarre PR flip than the one Al-Qaeda got after the US started partnering with them in Syria.

Adding to the dehumanization mentioned earlier, Big Tech has gone full bore with their xenophobic pro-war mob mentality, making Orwell's prophesied "two minutes hate” a disturbing reality. As Facebook has now updated their policies from condemning violence and hate to encouraging it.

Now not only openly allowing for calls of brutality against Russians, but going one sickening step further and instituting policies permitting the praise of neo-Nazis like the Azov Battalion.

There has been no shortage of pro-Nazi propaganda in Western media the last few weeks, either.

In line with social media's lionization of fascist militias and other far-right extremists, many mainstream news networks published puff pieces making Ukraine's Nazis out to be heroes to the uninformed public.

MSNBC, ABC News, BBC, Sky News, and others all ran stories giving acclaim to soldiers of Ukraine's National Guard training young and elderly citizens as they prepare for Russia's invasion. Completely leaving out that it was a publicity stunt by Azov fascists. All who proudly wore their Nazi insignias on their uniforms as it was plastered across international cable news.

The UK's Daily Mail and The Sun similarly ran pieces celebrating Ukrainian sniper Olena Bilozerska. An officer in Ukraine's Army reserve forces, and prominent blogger embraced by Ukraine's establishment media whose blog is used as a mouth piece for ultra-nationalists and other far-right extremists.

Bilozerska has openly admitted on her LiveJournal page to being an "independent right-wing journalist”. While denying being a Nazi or a fascist, also denying that Nazism even exists in Ukraine at all. A statement which is patently false.

Despite her denials, she has also espoused brazenly racist ideology such as the belief that non-whites are inferior, and that statues of Hitler should be erected and celebrated in Berlin. Along with other bigoted sentiments including pro- segregationist, homophobic, and anti-democratic rhetoric.

Adding further to Western media's glorification of Nazism, PBS also recently played their part. Hosting an interview with Artem Semenikhin, the mayor of the Ukrainian town of Konotop. And publicly known neo-Nazi.

In the interview, while hailing the American's support and weapons they've received to fight the "Russian cockroaches”, Semenikhin can even be seen with a portrait of Stepan Bandera behind him. The infamous Nazi Collaborator still celebrated in Ukraine to this day.

These are just some of the pieces being pumped to western audiences, carefully filtered through pro-war lobbyists, PR firms, and CIA cutouts.

Whilst all this information warfare and weaponized whitewashing is ongoing, pundits working to proselytize unknowing Americans into fascist sympathizers are also hard at work covering their own tracks.

Using the religious identity of Ukraine's president Volodymyr Zelensky as a smokescreen to express derision against any dissent from the official narrative. They espouse that Ukraine can't possibly have a Neo-Nazi problem because Zelensky is himself Jewish.

But imperialism makes for strange bedfellows. Quite to the contrary, Zelensky has made a habit of capitulating to the fascists within Ukraine's political ranks.

comprehensive investigation by The GrayZone's Alexander Rubinstein and Max Blumenthal elaborates how through a mixture of apathy and cowardice Ukraine's president Zelensky has ceded to and even at times enabled the nation's ultra-nationalist extremists.

Allowing them to expand their reach through the military, and political spheres, via funding from Zelinsky's top financial backer, Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, himself a Jew.

As well as other collaborations such as honoring leaders of the fascist militant group Right Sector, and allowing the municipal government of Kiev to cut a deal with C14 – a neo-Nazi street gang and vigilante wing of the ultra-nationalist Svoboda party – allowing them to carry out patrols with Kiev police. Effectively giving them a state-sanction to carry out violence against their targets.

The report from GrayZone states:

"A March 2018 report by Reuters stated that “C14 and Kiev’s city government recently signed an agreement allowing C14 to establish a ‘municipal guard’ to patrol the streets,” effectively giving them the sanction of the state to carry out pogroms.

As The Grayzone reported, C14 led raid to “purge” Romani from Kiev’s railway station in collaboration with the Kiev police.

Not only was this activity sanctioned by the Kiev city government, the US government itself saw little problem with it, hosting Bondar at an official US government institution in Kiev where he bragged about the pogroms. C14 continued to receive state funding throughout 2018 for “national-patriotic education.”

For those hypnotized by the West's propaganda machine learning this information for the first time can come as a shock. The idea of someone of Jewish heritage, particularly one who lost family during the Holocaust, to in any way facilitate any form of Nazism, be it through cowardice, apathy, or otherwise, is preposterous.

But it is indeed the case, and it goes to demonstrate the complexities of geopolitical reality.

Further driving that point home is the bizarre fact that even the nation of Israel itself has its own troublesome ties to Ukraine's neo-Nazis. An aspect of its foreign policy which has caused dissension and debate within the Israeli Parliament for years over it's obvious ethical concerns.

However, the gears of the war machine keep turning. On both the physical battlefield and in the realm of the information war.

Recently Zelensky has offered his thanks to Mark Zuckerberg, for helping him win the propaganda war.

Stating in his own words —

“War is not only a military opposition on UA land. It is also a fierce battle in the informational space. I want to thank @Meta and other platforms that have an active position that help and stand side by side with the Ukrainians.”

Yet as Summit News's Paul Joseph Watson expounds —

“In other words, Facebook is directly aiding Ukraine by allowing pro-Ukraine propaganda to spread while banning any pro-Russia propaganda.

This despite the fact that there have been numerous huge fabricated stories in just a few weeks alone, including the Snake Island hoax and the supposed attack on a Holocaust memorial in Kiev that never happened.”

On the heels of this alleged propaganda victory, Ukraine's president has taken another step towards restricting the flow of information and shaping the narrative; By signing into law a measure that not only criminalizes all political opposition, but nationalizes and consolidates all media into “a single platform of strategic communication”.

Talk about information control.

An overreach that is quite concerning considering it seems as though "strategic communication" to the Ukrainian government means constantly deliberately posting false information through its social media accounts.

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Such as outright lies comparing their bombardment to that of the Syrian war, or brazenly attempting to pass off imagery from a video game as legitimate combat footage.

Good thing Zuckerberg helped them avoid those fact checks.

As Ukraine takes a more draconian upfront approach to ensuring that only the “official” (government) narrative is allowed, in the United States the Biden Administration is taking a more covert route.

In addition to corporate media ingeminating its own official rhetoric on the masses, a manipulation campaign is also being targeted towards a much younger audience.

Recently the Biden White House assembled 30 influential social media figures from Tik-Tok in an effort to provide them with “guidance and information about the unfolding war in Ukraine and the rising cost of energy”.

The “influencers" then took to their platforms followed by millions of young Americans — most of whom likely too young to even remember the invasion of Iraq, much less have an actual understanding of the heinous history of the US lying to justify its wars — to disseminate the State Department's message of #StandWithUkraine to the impressionable young minds naïve enough to believe they're receiving reliable information from trustworthy sources.

It is an outright propaganda campaign, ironically exactly like the ones that Russia has been decried for conducting.

A recent article from Newsweek called out the campaign for what it is, explaining —

“The cultural appeal of TikTok influencers and young people who fulfill themselves by doing creative work online is already controlled and instrumentalized by social media platforms that thrive on clicks and views. It's even more alarming to witness government powers use similar methods to engineer consensus by tapping into this influence to generate propaganda. The Biden administration's clandestine relationship with Big Tech allows these state-sanctioned messages easy access to public consciousness while forcing dissenting perspectives away from the mainstream arena.”

The article drew parallels to the administration's previous use of propaganda to increase covid-19 vaccine uptake while stifling any valid criticisms of the injection.

Propaganda which was part of what a recent FOIA document release has revealed to be a billion dollar initiative to spread a corporate misinformation on behalf of big pharma's vaccine manufacturers. A key point the Newsweek author conveniently left out.

The information war, while largely a "Cold War" taking place in the minds of millions with the intent of completely distorting reality, can and likely will have much larger real-life ramifications. It is moving in lockstep to bring the concept of "thought-crime" into reality.

As the White House moves forward with its plans to propagandize the public domestically, and support fascist extremists abroad, it seems as though this effort is playing in to another agenda that has long since been a major facet of the decade-long information war.

The effort to completely criminalize dissent by labeling "misinformation" & "conspiracy theories" — once very specific labels now used broadly to vilify anyone who questions the status quo — as a breeding ground for domestic terrorism is increasing in tempo as they swiftly ramp up efforts to identify dissidents online.

This rhetoric began during the era of Covid-1984, and is now quietly shifting to include the narrative on Ukraine; as Glenn Greenwald writes, it is expanding to include noxious slanders of “treason” against anyone who dares share an alternate opinion from the neoliberal consensus. Typifying US discourse to near non debatable levels.

“This danger of weaponizing “treason” accusations against dissenters is obviously heightened during wartime. The neocons’ propensity to hurl treason accusations at anyone opposing their wars is part of what made them so despised before they were re-branded as liberal heroes of the #Resistance. And most of the worst civil liberties crises in U.S. history arose from the desire to label war dissidents or those suspected of misplaced allegiances as “treasonous”: the Alien and Sedition Act of 1798, the 1917 Espionage Act and Woodrow Wilson’s accompanying prosecutions of war opponents, the internment of Japanese-Americans, the grave excesses of the McCarthy witch hunts. But ever since Trump’s election began to appear possible, accusing political opponents of being traitors became a staple of liberal discourse, and has greatly intensified in the wake of both 1/6 and now the war in Ukraine.”

Of course, this goes hand in hand with the Empires new "war on domestic terror" it has been seeding for more than a year.

Under the auspices of "combating extremism", Biden administration has been stealthily maneuvering to further expand the erroneous activities of the National Security State. Inching ever closer to labeling those who dissent from the establishment status quo as domestic enemies. Taking aim at the exaggerated threat that white nationalist extremism poses against the homeland.

Now the conflict in Ukraine presents new unique opportunities to potentially advance this agenda.

Explained by veteran independent journalist Whitney Webb, in a piece titled Ukraine And The New Al-Qaeda —

“As this muddying of the waters regarding the relationship among Putin, the US Republican Party, and white supremacism escalates, we also have intelligence agencies in Europe and the US increasingly linking opposition to Covid measures, like lockdowns and vaccine mandates, to neo-Nazism, white supremacism and the far-right, frequently with little to no evidence. This recently occurred with the Freedom Convoy in Canada and, more recently, German security agencies and officials asserted just days ago that they can no longer distinguish between “far-right radicals” and those who oppose vaccine mandates and Covid restrictions. However, these efforts to link opposition to Covid measures with “domestic terrorism” and the far-right go back to 2020.

In addition to these trends, it also seems inevitable that the “Russian misinformation” label, used and abused for the past several years so that any dissenting narrative was often labeled “Russian” in origin, is likely to make a comeback in this context and provide the justification for a zealous censorship campaign online and particularly on social media, where this “transnational white supremacist network” is said to be dependent upon for its supposed success.

The coming “global white supremacist” terror threat, if we are to believe our unusually prescient intelligence officials, appears to be the “next thing” to befall the world as the Covid crisis wanes. It also appears that the CIA has crowned itself the midwife and chosen Ukraine as the birthplace of this new “terror threat,” one which will create not only the next proxy war between US empire and its adversaries, but also the pretext to launch the “War on Domestic Terror” in North America and Europe.”

Her article was published on the 2nd of March. And as we've seen demonstrated in the last few weeks, mentioned above, her prediction of unprecedented censorship and neo-McCarthyism was realized almost instantly.

As well as the potentiality of fostering the latest boogeyman, as white nationalists the world over flock to Ukraine to fight side-by-side with their Nazi forces.

The decades-long war against free speech, to stifle ideas and criminalize adversarial criticisms to the US oligarchy, that label those detractors as potential domestic extremist threats has been the proverbial frog in the boiling pot of this information war.

Akin to the problem-reaction-solution strategy, the tactic is quite similar; Control the narrative – Manipulate public consensus – Vilify the critics.

We've seen this tactic damn near perfected in the covid-1984 era, as information was strictly controlled and even the most reputable of critics were smeared in the aforementioned propaganda campaign.

This is a kind of hybrid warfare, as explained by a former extremist turned anti-extremism activist Maajid Nawaz, in a recent interview in which he elaborated some of the nuance of information warfare, social engineering, and behavioral modification used in manipulating the public.

"Without objective truth, there’s no objective reality, and without objective reality, whomever has the power gets to dictate what reality is"

The interview touches on many of the aspects yours truly has gone to great lengths to report over the years; the necessity of understanding the manipulation of consciousness, awareness, and psychology, and how such manipulation is used to literally shape a person's perception of reality.

This is crucial to understanding the deeper mechanics of the information war.

Propaganda is ever-evolving. As means of spreading information change, so to do the way the powers-that-shouldn't-be manipulate that information to fit their narratives.

But the question still begs, how did we get here? How did we get to the point where reality is seemingly inverted? Where those who should be the most trusted to tell us the truth are the least trustworthy?

Some may have observed that for the last decade of the credibility of the media has continued to deteriorate. Their propagation of false information, distortion of facts, obfuscation and overall fakeness has only continued to worsen.

There is a reason behind this and it is the focal point of this article.

Explained in detail in my in-depth article How Truth Was Destroyed So Americans Would Crave Propaganda, the mainstream corporate media of the United States has been in the grips of the “Deep State” since at least the end of the Second World War.

Augmented by intelligence community assets, consolidated and funded by ruling class affiliated mega-corporations, and coordinating with unelected globalist bureaucratic organizations, to centralize and control the flow of information to the people.

But beyond this capturing of the press, there are two incidents in particular to which we can point to distinguish approximately when we really began our descent down the current path of madness. When the US began officially legalizing the dissemination of propaganda.

Up until a few years ago, the dissemination of propaganda through the corporate media was still technically illegal, and therefore had to be conducted carefully and discreetly to still bear the appearance of legitimate news.

However things began to change in 2012. That was when the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act was signed into law through that years NDAA. Repealing aspects of the original Smith-Mundt Act of 1948 which prohibited the State Department from disseminating materials domestically.

The amendment received mixed criticisms, proponents argued that the purpose is benign; merely to allow the public to have easier access to State Department materials should they so desire. Specifically noting provisions meant to prohibit the federal government from using the law to influence public opinion.

While opponents criticized that despite intentions it still opened the door for state meddling in media, and for Americans to be influenced by information operations.

Rep. Mac Thornberry (R-Tx), co-sponsor of the bill, said the purpose is to increase transparency and oversight and considers the idea that the State Department would be able to propagandize Americans as “laughable”.

However vocal critics, such as veteran journalists Glenn Greenwald and the late Michael Hastings, voiced concerns of how doing so could be exploited. And to their credit, as we have seen, the idea that the American government would deliberately propagandize its own citizens is not as "laughable" as Representative Thornberry thought it was back in 2013.

Another journalist, Whitney Webb, expanded upon these sentiments in a piece in which she examined the effects of lifting the ban —

“Since 2013, newsrooms across the country, of both the mainstream and “alternative” variety, have been notably skewed towards the official government narrative, with few, outside a handful of independently-funded media outlets, bothering to question those narratives’ veracity. While this has long been a reality for the Western media (see John Pilger’s 2011 documentary “The War You Don’t See”), the use of government-approved narratives and sources from government-funded groups have become much more overt than in years past.

From Syria to Ukraine, U.S.-backed coups and U.S.-driven conflicts have been painted as locally driven movements that desperately need U.S. support in order to “help” the citizens of those countries — even though that “help” has led to the near destruction of those countries and, in the case of  Ukraine, an attempted genocide. In these cases, many of the sources were organizations funded directly by the U.S. government or allied governments, such as the White Helmets and Aleppo Media Centre (largely funded by the U.S. and U.K. governments) in the case of Syria, and pro-Kiev journalists with Nazi ties (including Bogdan Boutkevitch, who called for the “extermination” of Ukrainians of Russian descent on live TV) in the case of Ukraine, among other examples. Such glaring conflicts of interests are, however, rarely — if ever — disclosed when referenced in these reports.”

As time has passed on we can see that the passage of this act, whatever the original intentions may have been, was likely utilized to set the precedent for everything it's critics warned of.

As under the cover of the holiday season of 2016 / 17, President Barack Obama signed into law that year's National Defense Authorization Act. It too, contained dubious legislation enabling the government to further propagandize the citizenry.

The Countering Foreign Propaganda and Disinformation Act essentially established its own it de facto "Ministry of Truth”.

Aimed at combating foreign intelligence operations and “fake news” allegedly swaying public opinion about the 2016 election in the now thoroughly debunked “RussiaGate” hoax, it opened the floodgates for government, media, and big tech to work in a concerted effort to wreak havoc on independent media and the minds of the masses alike.

As Free Thought Project journalist, the late Claire Bernish points out, "countering propaganda" actually equates to silencing dissenting voices — particularly in the press. And could also be a means of initiating censorship of independent media. As well as creating and furthering propaganda of the American government.

Bernish writes —

“because, theoretically, you can’t combat foreign agitprop without filling the void with something convincing and favorable to governmental agendas.

As text of the new law explains, the center will “support the development and dissemination of fact-based narratives and analysis to counter propaganda and disinformation directed at the United States and United States allies and partner nations.”

Continuing to acknowledge,

Many of the Global Engagement Center’s duties concern targeting disinformation and propaganda being disseminated in other nations; however, it subtly suggests the effort would seek to prevent such content from reaching the United States — thus, domestic actions are, by no means, ruled out.

Indeed, as the law states:

“The Center is authorized to provide grants or contracts of financial support to civil society groups, media content providers, nongovernmental organizations, federally funded research and development centers, private companies, or academic institutions for the following purposes:

  • To support local independent media who are best placed to refute foreign disinformation and manipulation in their own communities.
  • To collect and store examples in print, online, and social media, disinformation, misinformation, and propaganda directed at the United States and its allies and partners.
  • To analyze and report on tactics, techniques, and procedures of foreign information warfare with respect to disinformation, misinformation, and propaganda.
  • To support efforts by the Center to counter efforts by foreign entities to use disinformation, misinformation, and propaganda to influence the policies and social and political stability of the United States and United States allies and partner nations.

She finally stated plainly —

Seeming at least somewhat innoxious, had the law been passed in a vacuum, the current hysteria over putative Russian interference during the election cycle presents alarming potential implications for the future of free speech and unobstructed access to information.

Indubitably, that was exactly the case. What has followed since the signage of this law is a kind of dystopian information control and manipulation the likes of which George Orwell couldn't even have envisioned.

It began with the “unpersoning" of Alex Jones, the pariah necessary to kick-start the rest of the onslaught. Convincing the public to support that kind of outright censorship was all that was needed

Two months later, the infamous purge of October 11th, 2018 took place. The day that state-backed corporate entities launched a coordinated effort to extinguish independent media from existence.

Since that fateful day, every last one of us has been under a constant offensive unlike any to have been waged previously. To censor, stifle, exploit, and distort the flow of information to have a direct influence on public perception into the warped clown world we all see before us today.

So as we can see, we are ALL engaged in a fierce battle for the truth. This information war didn't start February 24th, 2022. It didn't even start in 2016. It has been and ongoing conflict ever increasing in intensity for decades.

It is far from over — With destabilizing misinformation fanning the flames of military conflicts that have the potential to bring our civilization to the brink of annihilation;

The facilitators of Event201 soon to initiate a Covid-19 pandemic cover up crew headed by the same man responsible for the 9/11 cover-up;

And the World Economic Forum's Great Narrative agenda (the successor to The Great Reset) to soon begin further advancing us towards a technocratic transhumanist “New World Order”, there is much work to be done.

It is all of our responsibility, now more than ever, to question the official narrative. Demand that those in power, not only in politics but with sway over the opinions of the public, be held to account.

Julian Assange once said that if wars can be started by lies, they can be stopped by truth. He was referring to literal physical conflict, yet this author believes it is quite apropos to be applied to the information war.

It is up to every individual to engage in their own means of seeking, diligently ascertaining, and spreading truthful information to counteract this deluge of disinformation that has been wrought upon us. In order to work towards a more informed, enlightened, more peaceful, and freer future.

To borrow a phrase; the truth shall set you free.