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Lynden, Wa - To onlookers in Lynden, Washington, it might have seemed like the world’s most absurd police chase: a state trooper’s cruiser, red and blue lights flashing, in hot pursuit of an elderly lady on her electric scooter. Both vehicles were crawling down state route 546 at about six miles per hour.

In reality, it was state trooper Dave Hintz doing a good deed, providing a woman in her 80’s with a police escort home after she had become lost. When asked, Trooper Hintz made it a point to emphasize that his goal was not to detain her, but to help her get back home. “I just treated her the way I would’ve wanted somebody to treat my mom,” he explained, sounding remarkably human.

Even at the scooter’s top speed, escorting the woman back took over an hour, because she had accidentally ended up several miles from home. On one hand, we should commend the trooper for his service to the community. On the other hand, we should probably also commend the elderly woman for keeping a state trooper busy for almost an hour, during which he wasn’t available to write tickets to collect revenue for window tint, seat belt violations and other victimless "crimes."

In any case, we commend Officer Hintz for protecting and serving, the right way.

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