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New York, NY — (RT) New York counter-terrorism police are “monitoring” the ongoing quarantine of an Emirates airplane at JFK airport in New York, after 100 people reportedly fell ill during a flight from Dubai.

Emirates Flight 203 from Dubai arrived at 9 a.m. ET Wednesday with the pilot expressing concerns over dozens of passengers sick with fevers over 100 degrees F (37.7 C) and coughing, according to local reports.

The plane was met by officials from the Port Authority Police and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in a staging area to check passengers.

NYPD Counter-terrorism said it was “monitoring” the quarantine in case the incident progressed above a medical situation and that it was working with the Port Authority and Federal partners.

The aircraft is not going to a terminal, instead being directed to a hard-stand area as emergency medical response teams investigate the cause of the illness.

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Photographs tweeted by passengers inside the plane show dozens of ambulances and police vehicles parked and waiting as the aircraft landed. One passenger, Larry Coben, said: "All we have been told is that some passengers have fallen ill and we should remain in our seats." He tweeted that he had seen "no evidence of illness", but added that Flight 203 has "two levels".

While the cause of the illness remains unknown, local reports on the ground from a source briefed on the situation believe it may be food related. However, this may change with new information provided by the CDC. In a statement, Emirates confirmed that “about 10 passengers” on the Dubai to New York flight had become ill, adding that the appearance of health authorities at the scene was “a precaution.”

“All others will disembark shortly. The safety & care of our customers is our first priority,” the statement read.

In the last hour, CDC officials boarded the aircraft, allowing passengers to disembark with a CDC disease prevention form and taking their temperatures.

After taking the bus towards the terminal building, Coben reported getting through customs safely and was on his way home commenting, “others are well.” However, it remains unknown if that means all of the flight’s passengers as no official confirmation has been made.