New Gov’t Docs Reveal Parts of CIA Mind Control Program MK-Ultra...

Truth about CIA’s illegal MK Ultra mind-control experiments – using drugs, hypnosis and electronic devices- have been revealed in bone chilling declassified documents.

Utterly Horrifying Video Shows NYPD Cops Rip Baby from Mother’s Arms...

A deeply disturbing video was uploaded to Facebook this week, showing NYPD officers rip a tiny baby from his mother's arms over a dispute on where to sit.

The Free Thought Project Podcast – Episode #6 | Dissecting The...

How was the establishment able to get most of the country to rally behind a mass murdering war criminal and celebrate him as a hero?

High-Ranking Military Commander Busted in FBI Child Sex Trafficking Sting

A High-Ranking Air Force official was arrested this week and charged on multiple counts for attempting to have sex with a child.

WATCH: Plainclothes Cops Surround Unarmed Father of 3 and Murder Him...

An unarmed father of three reportedly thought he was the subject of a mafia-style assassination when police surrounded his car and shot him in the head, killing him.

“I Know Where All The Bodies Are Buried”: Clinton Foundation CFO...

The CFO of the Clinton Foundation allegedly handed over 6,000 pages of evidence to the FBI and IRS along with testimony about the illegal activities within the foundation.

Five Stories the Media Missed While Obsessing Over the Bush Funeral...

While the mainstream media celebrates the mass-murdering criminal, George H.W. Bush, these far more important stories are being ignored.

WATCH: Cop Flips Out in Apparent Roid Rage, Beats Handcuffed Teen...

An officer—who was hired in spite of his criminal record—was seen on body camera video punching a handcuffed teen who was not resisting at all.

WATCH: Cop Kills Innocent Grandpa for Stopping a Home Invader Who...

An innocent grandpa was gunned down in his own home by police after he'd just stopped a maniac who had broken in and was literally trying to eat his grandson.

Rudolph Declared Racist and “Christmas” is Now a Trigger Word in...

Christmas in the land of snowflakes: Rudolph is racist and homophobic, 'Santa Baby' song is slut shaming, "Deck the Halls" promotes gay apparel, and “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” is a date rape anthem.