WATCH: Cop Shoots Unarmed Man Inside a Jail Cell and Is...

Despite clear video showing a cop pull out his gun and shoot an unarmed man in the stomach, inside a jail cell, there will be no charges.

Cop Issues $115 Ticket to Mom While Breastfeeding Her Baby in...

While a mom sat in the backseat of her own parked car breastfeeding her newborn, a cop walked up to her and wrote her a $115 ticket.

Forget AOC, America’s Real “Green New Deal” is Hemp

Instead of taxing Americans into oblivion with $50 trillion programs to legislate a cleaner environment, cultivating hemp is a far better option.

‘I’m Willing to Go to Jail For It’: Sheriffs Refuse to...

Refusing to enforce immoral legislation like confiscating the guns of citizens is the definition of what a good cop does.

WATCH: Cops Promise to Rob or Arrest Citizens Unless They Buy...

A police department in Virginia is now forcing citizens to buy random stickers fort heir vehicles or face further extortion or jail.

Workers Find Dozens of Alleged Secret Graves at Juvenile Institution Where...

Workers attempting to clean of fuel pollution stumbled on what they think are dozens of child graves from a government juvenile home at which children were tortured and raped.

Free Thought Project Podcast—Guest: Scott Horton – Reviving The Antiwar Movement

The antiwar movement has taken a backseat to "first world problems" despite attempting to stop the murder of millions of innocent people.

If Trump is So Worried About ‘Fake News’ Why is He...

Trump, who has been outspoken against 'Fake News' is now allowing his administration to prosecute the only outlet who has never had to retract a single story.

Congresswoman Calls Out Assange’s Arrest for What It Is—A Threat to...

Congresswoman and 2020 presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard went on MSNBC and noted how the attack on Assange is an attack on us all.

WATCH: Cops Throw Innocent 16yo Girl Down Stairs, Punch, Taser, Stomp...

School cops were caught on video throwing an innocent girl down a flight of stairs before punching her in the face, tasering her, and stomping on her for no reason.