US Trucks Supposedly Carrying ‘Aid’ to Venezuela, Full of Nails and...

The Venezuelan Foreign Minister, Jorge Arreaza, showed the world this week why they are not accepting ostensible "aid" from the US.

The Draft Should be Abolished for Everyone — Not Just Women

The draft is nothing short of slavery and "activists" are fighting for the right of men and women to be enslaved "equally."

Media Fear Over Russia and China Is Making the Military Industrial...

The new cold war, which was stirred up by the establishment over the last few years has become a boon for war profiteers. Fear is money.

BBC Producer Comes Forward with Syria Bombshell—Sarin Attack ‘Hospital Scene was...

A producer for the BBC network just came forward claiming the hospital scenes after 2018 Douma ‘chemical attack’ were staged.

WikiLeaks Tweets Army Manual Detailing How US Weaponized Banking Cartel to...

The "U.S. Coup Manual" details how financial institutions like the World Bank and IMF are used as "financial weapons" used by the US to bring non-compliant nations to their knees.

Mainstream Media Finally Figures Out US and Saudi Arabia Arming Al-Qaeda...

It only took CNN a decade to finally discover the US-Saudi Arabia pipeline of weapons that flow into the hands of our ostensible enemies.

Neocons Likely Salivating as Trump Confirms US Military as ‘An Option’...

On Sunday, Donald Trump noted that he is keeping the use of the US military in Venezuela as an option on the table.

Surprised? Venezuela’s US-Backed Coup Leader Immediately Targets Country’s Oil, Requests IMF...

Unelected US-backed coup leader Juan Guaidó immediately moved to try to restructure Venezuela’s state-owned oil company and seek financing from the neoliberal IMF.

Coincidence? Venezuela Green Lights Russia to Mine Gold, Days Later US...

Just like in Libya, the current conflict in Venezuela is far bigger than some humanitarian crisis as they are sitting on mountains of gold and oil.

Don’t Hold Your Breath on US Troop Withdrawal from Syria

It would be nice to think the president has final say on foreign policy, given the U.S. Constitution. But the misleading troop withdrawal announcement, followed by Trump’s boastful tweet, suggests the exact opposite.