WATCH: Cops Accuse Innocent Woman of Stealing Her Own Car, Smash...

Police accused an innocent woman of stealing her own van and proceeded to handcuff her and violently assault her.

SHOCK VIDEO: Cops Torture Dad in Front of Kids, Taser Him...

A horrifying video has surfaced capturing a police officer torturing a man with a taser, hitting him 11 times, including in the testicles.

Cop Found Guilty After Video Showed Him Walk Up to Sleeping...

“The way the officer handled it was completely unprofessional,” the father said. “To assault a minor that is clearly asleep?”

Shocking Video Shows School Cop Punch and Pull Hair of 15yo...

A disturbing video shows how a school yard quarrel is handled in the modern day police state as a 15-year-old girl is punched and slammed into a table.

WATCH: Oath Breaking Cop Attacks Innocent Marine Vet for Filming Him

A cop became so enraged by a man practicing his first amendment right to film that he attacked him, handcuffed, and detained him.

Investigating Cop Who Tasered Little Girl in the Back is Now...

Asking for an outside investigation into the cop who tasered a little girl in the back is now akin to shooting police officers according to the officer's union.

Body Cam Catches Cops Claim Innocent Man’s Cellphone Was a Gun...

For walking down the street with a cell phone, an innocent man was shot by the police who then attempted to fabricate a story to justify their shooting, according to an attorney.

Watch the 1st Amendment Die as Journalist Arrested at Press Conference...

If you are unsure over how the establishment feels about alternative media asking them questions, this video will clear that up.

WATCH: Rights Flexing Citizen Owns Cop, Shuts Him Down for Trying...

Some rights-flexing citizens noticed a Baltimore cop trying to take the property of two teenage boys when they stepped in for the rescue.

Cop Hailed as ‘Hero’ Until Video Showed Him Shoot Man 13...

A cop was given the department's highest honor for the brutal slaying of a mentally ill man, but the video shows his actions were far from heroic.