WATCH: Cops Forced To Return $20,000 Cash They Stole From Stripper...

A Miami stripper was able to prove that police confiscated her "significant cash tips" during an illegal search and she became one of the few victories in asset forfeiture.

As Americans Celebrate “Freedom” on July 4, Here’s Proof We Are...

The same Americans who celebrate their "Freedom" every year on July 4, are actually living in a complete surveillance state controlled by the federal gov't.

Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello Calls For Army of Veterans...

Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello is calling on U.S. veterans to create “a Children’s Liberation Army to take on ICE."

WATCH: Innocent Man Catches Cops Breaking Into His Car, Searching it...

An innocent man walked out of a house to find several police officers rummaging through his car with no warrant and no probable cause.

Citizens Fight Back as City Fines & Arrests Them for Cracked...

A small town is being sued by its residents after they faced massive fines and were threatened with jail time for cracked driveways, improperly stack firewood, and overgrown vegetation.

WATCH: Innocent Man Detained, Assaulted by Cops Because He Had ‘Vegetation’...

An innocent man was harassed and detained by police, all because they claimed the "vegetation" on his window seal was an illegal substance.

People Who Express Outrage Over TSA Groping Can Now Be Put...

Travelers who are deemed "offensive" could be the targets of even more harassment from the TSA if they are placed on the agency's new secret watchlist.

5 Major Stories Americans Missed While Obsessing Over Yanny, Laurel Soundbite

As the internet obsessed over whether or not they heard yanny or laurel, five major stories that actually have an effect on our lives were swept under the rug.

Video Shows Horrors of Drug War as Cops Corner Unarmed Man...

Thomasville police officers were cleared in the killing of an unarmed Georgia man while trying to arrest him for having a plant, in spite of graphic body cam footage showing the shooting.

Churches Across US Make Pact To Stop Calling The Police—Showing They...

A growing number of churches are refusing to call the police, choosing instead to seek to de-escalate situations with nonviolent alternatives.