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WATCH: Innocent College Student Blows Up On Cops As They Kick in His Door Assault Him with AR-15s


An innocent Topeka college student was the victim of a violent no-knock SWAT raid which cops conducted without a warrant due to "exigent" circumstances.

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WATCH: Cop Pulls Gun, Drags Woman from Car, Punches Her in the Face Over Suspended License


An Arizona woman was punched and dragged from her vehicle all for having a suspended license, a ticketable offense. We’ve uncovered a flaw in the system which places police officers as well as unsuspecting members of the public at risk for harm.

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Video Shows ‘Officer of the Year’ Break Man’s Jaw with a Flashlight for Loud Music


A SLMPD Officer of the Year is being sued by a man claiming the officer used excessive force after he hit him in the jaw with his tactical flashlight causing his jawbone to be fractured. The officer then struck the man again in the back of the head as he was face down on the ground.

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