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Man Invokes 5th Amendment, Cops Tell Him to “Throw all the Legal Mumbo Jumbo Out the Window”

"If you have nothing to hide...let's throw all the legal mumbo jumbo out the window sir. Let's play on big boy terms. Let's not play the lawyer game and 'my rights are violated' game or none of that bullcrap today." Two Georgia state troopers proceed to stomp all over the constitution during a traffic stop in which a man asserts his right to remain silent.

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School Activity Praising Police Outrages Mother Whose Son’s Father Was Murdered by 15 Cops

Bakersfield, CA– North Beardsley Elementary in Bakersfield, California, is facing backlash after the principal, Aimee Williamson, who happens to be the wife of the Bakersfield police chief, decided to celebrate the pseudo holiday of Law Enforcement Appreciation Day on January 9th.  The biggest problem is that this hits far too close to …

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